Casual style with a leopard print jacket and cool chunky chain necklace

cool leopard skin jacket and chunky silver necklace

 Of course you can add a little edge to casual styles. Express the real you! This leopard print
 looks so smart with this black sweater and white blouse too. Slip on my long chain necklace for
 more detail. Or double up this chain necklace for a shorter statement necklace. the choice is all yours.

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Concert style with a black top, jacket, sunglasses and necklace

black outfit and necklace on female

Not sure what to wear to a concert? All black anything will take of that! Don't forget about a black
necklace to complete the look. This big round hunk of lava stone is almost the size
of an orea cookie. It can be worn long or can add a drop of essential
oil onto that stone. Just gently rub in and reapply oil as needed. Now off to that concert:)

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Wearing peach and gray with a big silver circle necklace

gray knit top with peach sweater silver circle necklace

When you can't decide what to wear solid colors can make a striking outfit. Here is a slate
gray knit sweater, with a creamy peach sweater. Stealing the show is the simplest sterling
circle necklace. And... this circle necklace is about keeping your circle flowing with good vibes.
It's for remembering that you get what you give. A simple circle that gets straight to the point!


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Fun pearl hoop earrings for everyday

green pearl silver hoop earrings in hand

Lustrous pearls - who can resist?! Hanging from hammered sterling hoops and lets them swing so
free. These soft green pearls are cute as can be with a tee shirt and jeans. Or slip these on with
a blouse and blazer for work.

For more details and to see them being worn shop Green Pearl Hoop Earrings here.


The coolest denim Desigual outfit with a long chunky chain necklace

whimsical denim outfit and long cool chain necklace

     Pairing my jewelry with Desigual, a brand that is about saying Yes to Life and expressing
     your authenticity through unique clothing has me doing a happy dance over here! I certainly
     share that view. 

     This very cool denim outfit and my Chain Reaction necklace are on display at one of my favorite
     retailers  - Clay and Cotton in Louiseville, KY. Be sure to stop in if you live in that area!

How to choose earrings for a busy patterned top

elongated abstract silver and black earrings

When you have a top filled to the brim with colors and patterns - you need simple earrings
to compliment and not distract.

This black & white checked top by Kyla Seo also has an array of embroidered flowers which makes
it very cute and quite busy. One of my favorite tips is to just choose 1 color from the pattern or print.

It's that simple. You'll be coordinated but not matchy-matchy. For more details on my 
Exclamation Point earrings shop here!

My favorite embroidered belt from Sundance Catalogue and layered purple necklaces

embroidered belt and purple gemstone necklaces

When it comes to embroidered flowers I'm in love! This belt from Sundance Catalogue is one
of my all time favorites. I've have it for years so I will say it is long lasting and holds up well. Those
warm wonderful colors make coordinating jewelry a lot of fun.

So any great colors would work with this belt. Greens, blues, purples, oranges and reds. I fell
in love with pairing my Amethyst Cluster necklace and Amethyst Collar necklace. They layer 
nicely together.

If you want to add some color to your wardrobe try a colorful belt and necklaces!

An essential oil bracelet that represents hope & optimism

pink essential oil bracelet worn with denim

When you need an extra dose of something to hold onto like hope and optimism- slip
on my Tickled Pink bracelet. The color pink is believed to represents this.

For more encouragment add a drop or two of your favorite essential oil onto the porous
wood beads to absorb. There is an oil called "Hope" that you can purchase from Young Living oils.
How easy is that!

For more details on bracelet shop here

Drinks with friends while wearing a chunky copper & brass necklace

wearing a chunky metal handcrafted necklace and a glass of wine

She always likes wearing her necklaces a little bit longer. So we always add a few more inches
to most designs!. Did you know that I can do that for you too?! There will be an additional fee but
you get to have the exact length that you prefer. Just ask!

For more details about this piece shop the Tuff Stuff necklace here

An extra long unique heart necklace

long leather chain mixed metal heart necklace

This ready-to-wear necklace became a cutom necklace! My client loved this necklace but wanted
it to be longer. When her birthday rolled around her boyfriend contacted me to see what we could do.

 Normally my Feel the Love necklace measures 18" long. I needed to make it 26" long but
also not distract from the design. I ended up hammering bars of bronze and used additional chain
on each side.  It all looked meant to be!