Labradorite Lotis Necklace


Oh what a necklace! It's like holding a chunk of the night sky, but cooler. The stone itself is like a galaxy in solid form, and when you tilt it, bam! Flashes of green pop out, like little cosmic fireworks.

Now imagine it hanging from this chain, but not just any chain. It's blackened silver, giving it that edgy, badass vibe. And smack dab in the middle, there's this gold lotus shape. It's like the cherry on top, symbolizing all things pure and enlightened amidst the cosmic chaos of the labradorite. 

Rockin' that necklace would be like carrying a slice of pure magic wherever you go, you feel me?


  • Oxidized sterling silver diamond cut curb chain
  • 14KGF curved lotus
  • 14KGF wire wrapping, extender chain & clasp
  • Labradorite stones
  • Length 16" + 2" extender chain