Bracelets gifts for a new mama and her babe

silver birthstone initial bracelet gift set for new mom
Is there a newborn in your life? Celebrating a new baby 
usually involves gifting. These bracelets
make perfect gifts for both mom and baby.
While outfits are irresistable and SO fun they will become
outgrown, stained and forgotten about a few months
down the road. But gifting a custom bracelets are for forever.
Meaningful stones to wear and passdown. 

I'd love to make your special gift as well. Give me a shout if your are need!

Browse the bracelet set here for more details

A meaningful & unique birthday necklace

Birthstone coin necklace on wood

The seqarch for a meaningful birthday gift or necklace
can sometimes be a challenge? You want it to be special and something
brand new. Something you feel certain she doesn't already own..
I've hear you! Let me tell about this "gem" and give you something
to think about the next you are on the hunt for just the right gift.

The necklace shown here is for a 6o)th birthday.  There are exactly six
freshwwater pearls to honor each decade.This gal has roots
in Poland so i inclued an old artys looking 1984 Polish Coin.
And with February birthday that means purple amethyst is
her birthstone. You can see thos within this sweet necklace design.

I have old coind galore and absolutley love using them in 
my jewelry designs. I'd love to make one for you.
Shoot me an email to let me know what coin you might like to see!


Click here for more details about this necklace

Feeling alive with colorful bracelets



wearing colorful gemstone bracelets

I just got over being sick. The world felt gray. I was even
sick of wearing pajamas! called for some super bright,
colorful clothes, lipstick and bracelets to make me feel all kinds
of alive! Dressing like that really does change you rmood. 
I know it does for me. Give it a try and see if you notice a 
difference. And for the record the name of this bracelet is
called Color Me Happy - so there. Ha!

Browse my Color Me Happy Bracelet here

Casual necklace stacks for everyday

wearing a casual cool necklace stack
Necklace stacks are just as interesting, personal and
meaningful as your bracelet stacks. You can stack as
many as you like. And boom you've got a super cute
look for tee shirts or casual hanging out.

Shown here is my Coin Cluster necklace. It almost looks
like two necklaces with this jumble of old unique coins.
Alongside that is my It's All Good necklace. With red shiny
crystals and some petite sized gemstones its the opposite of the 
coin cluster necklace - and they look great together!

Maybe you have 3 necklaces that mean a lot to you. But they are 
quite diffferent. Maybe one has a small single stone. Another a name
or word charm necklace. And maybe you've got a fancy necklace
in your jewlery box. One that you save for special ocassions.
Well.... try wearing all three at the same time. Just for fun!
See how it looks. Think about how it good it wood feel to wewar your
three favorites. I say go for it. Express yourself!

Browse my Coin Cluster necklace here.

Browse my It's All Good Necklace here.

A long boho style cross necklace

holding a long cross necklace
My Livin on a Prayer cross necklace is perfect for any boho 
chic style outift. Wear this fun necklace with long peasant skirts,
jeans and hats or a pretty embroidered tunic top. This fun statement
necklace will come to life when you slip it on around your neck. 
the perfect finishing touch before you head out the door. 
You can touch it as much as you want because playing with your
trinkets is fun. And fun is good!

Browse my Livin' on a Prayer necklace here.

Open the door to a colorful turquoise necklace

turquoise necklace near wood door

Open the door to new things. Unexpected things. Like my
big slab of thruquoise in a necklace. Maybe you've always felt safe
wearing dainty jewelry that blends right in with wht your wearing.
while that can be simple and pretty try stepping out of your
comfort zone. You might feel liberated wearing a bold necklace!
And this one is still on the simple side. Its a great spash of color that
will really brighten your day.

For more details browe my Turquoise Mountain Necklace here

Working on a necklace at work

silver statement necklace on mannequin
Yes, as a jewelry designer I was working on this necklace while
at work! Lucky me. This mannequin has worn many styles and lengths of jewelry.
I can't imagine not having it. I can clearly see how and where a necklace
will fall. Exceptions are made because we aren't all the size of this
mannequin. But I have work arounds for that. 
Shown on this mannequin is my Big Oring necklace. Designed to be a
statement necklace with adjustable length. To be worn casual or dressed up.
After completeling and popping on my manequin I felt that I accomplished
my mission. 

Browse my Big Oring Necklace here

Browse my Little Oring necklace here

Solid color hat, scarf & a necklace

silver necklace blue hat & scarf

Going out? Want to stay warm? Don't like figuring out if things
go together? I've got you! Keep it all solid colors. Its easy and very smart
looking. My solid silver necklace works with all the solid colors!
Use as many as you want. If you were wearing this blue hat and mustard yellow
scarf you could also wear a solid black top and solid blue pants. You will be color 
blocked from head to toe. 


Browse my easy to wear Play it Cool necklace here



Color Block Earrings in shades of green

green earrings and model wearing green sweater
Color block earrings are exactly that - blocks of color in a row. In this
case they are all various shades of green. Green gemstones and
teal green crystals. Banded together they are pretty and playful.
Wearing these earrings with a solid color sweater or top and thats
all you need to look cute as a little green button. Ha. Silly me.

Browse my Green on Green earrings here

Match your necklace with a colorful hat


striped hat with turquoise necklace

When colder weather calls its time for a warm hat! That hat may
need to stay on your head all day. And beanies look really cute
being worn both inside and out. So if its going to be on
your head for awhile then seek out a matching necklace
its an easy way to have a touch of style when staying warm. 
And for me the more color the better. This colorful hat is 100%
wool and does a good job of keeping your head warm. And I mean
how darling is it with my Turquoise necklace?! Together they are
a big dose of happy.

Browse my Turquoise Mountain necklace here for more details