Live, Give and wear your karma with a big circle necklace

silver circle necklace hanging in the garden

I'm in full agreement that we should all be living, giving and wearing our karma. My Karma necklace
can be your daily reminder to think about how we treat others and what our role is in the world




wearing big silver open circle necklace outside

The following quote says it all. “In the end, just three things matters: How well we have lived,
How well we have loved, How well we have learned to let go”. 

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Friends, fun and jewelry are always essential

girlfriends with drinks and jewlery

Making time for friends, relaxing and catching up is essential. Allowing joy. No matter what life throws 
at you, be sure to make some time for fun. Treat yourself! My customer Jenny did. She is wearing
her family heritage with an old coin necklace.  The Netherlands to be exact. Some of her ancestors
may have touched this coin:)




female with black tee shirt and old coin necklace

While Jenny's coin necklace was custom made I also have ready to wear coinjewlery. You can also ask 
if I have a specific coin. I very well may. Make yourself essential everyday. Find your joy. Laugh. Love.
and treat yourself from time to time. You deserve good things!


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Boat life and men's bracelets

guy wearing bracelets on a boat

    When you live in Las Vegas one way to cool off is being out on the water in a boat - and of course
    wearing a set of cool men's bracelets for some style on the side. Looks a slice of heaven to feel the
    wind in your face while gliding across the water.




guy with bracelets on arm while driving a boat

 So when you're not on a boat enjoying the day you but want to feel the peace
 just add a drop or two of soothing tranquil onto the black lava beads. Why? Because this is also
 an essential oil bracelet set. Making whatever the day brings you a little easier with this comfort on 
 your wrist all day long!

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Customize a riveted metal dog tag necklace for a unique gift

mixed metal dog tag necklace on stone & denim
Dog tag necklaces continue to be a favorite piece of jewelry worn by all. They originated from war times.
They were used as military ID tag's to record soldiers identification. As time has passed these pieces
became very desirable to wear by everyone not just for the soldiers. With a modern masculine feel my
spin on these unisex necklaces is with riveted metal which makes it a stand alone piece.
Or there is another option.

Just as in the military uses the tags for important info - I can add the important info of your choosing
on the tag. So if you if need a unique gift for a certain someone being able to customize a wearable
gift will remind them of you everytime its put on. 

A casual Netherland pearl coin necklace for everyday

blue pearl Nederland coin necklace on a starfish

Even though coin jewelry has beens shown on the runways as current cool fashion  - I see coin necklaces,
and bracelets as timeless historical, fascinating, art history artifacts. Timeless keepsakes. That have 
literally been touched by many hands. This necklace was custom made for a Netherland gal. But I have 
an entire ready to wear coin collection. You can be surprised with the coin you receive or ask me if I have 
Country you are looking for. I very well may have!

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(Some items are ready to wear and some are one of a kine)

Honor your survivor with a sentimental cuff bracelet

riveted metal survivor cuff on stones

Life is never without challenges. The ups and downs can be difficult. Overcoming your struggles
whatever they may be is something to be quite proud of. This cuff was custom made for someone
who worked very hard to overcome some health issues. Wearing a piece of jewerly that reminds you
of just how far you have come is good for the soul.
Even though this was a custom piece I would be happy to make more. Are you a survivor? Do you
know a survivor that you would like to honor and recognize? Let me know. I would love to make you
a cuff too.

Fall in love with Canada and a coin necklace

Green pearl Canada coin necklace on wood

Canada is a peaceful nation. It's the 2nd largest country in the world. Half of 
all the lakes in the world are in Canada which makes it a paradise for nature feaks like me! Canada has
the cleanest water of any nation. Those maple leaves you see on this Canada coin necklace speak
volumes.  Not only is the maple leaf a symbol for Canada it also represents unity, tolerance, and peace.
Maple syrup is not just a food that originated from Canada – even to this day, 71% of the entire
world's maple syrup is produced in Canada. 

This coin necklace was made for a Canadian girl. I have old coins from all ove the world and love 
to create these necklaces. Send me an email if you want a cutom coin necklace.

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Bring your outfit to life with earrings & rings

holding horseshoe earrings with thumb rings against a striped outfit

To me bringing your outfit to life with jewelry is the same thing as hanging pictures on your walls.
It changes everthing. Just as the type of pictues you hang creates a mood or jewelry choices are
no different. My horseshoe earrings and cuff rings here are hand forged giving them a casual cool
vibe. It's all about how you want to express yourself and what feels natural to you.

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In the kitchen with a cheery heart apron and his black leather necklace

male wearing black leather ring necklace in the kitchen

My Italian brother-in-law Tom is handy in the kitchen. He eats healthy and fresh. Seeing him here
in my mom's apron and donning his wedding ring necklace captures him perfectly! He is one fun 
colorful character. I made Tom and my sister their wedding rings when they got married a few years back.
Tom's hands have swelling issues. The band I made him was on the thick side. I volunteered to remake
a thinner band but he wanted this one. So instead I made a leather necklace out of it. He never takes it
Off and I like how it looks on him.

Do you have the same problem or know someone that does. I'd love to help by turning that ring into
another piece of jewelry that may solve your problem. If so, just shoot me an email.

Wearing new ring designs

wearing 3 rings on 1 one hand

Designing rings is always fun. I love rings! You get to see them touch them and spin them.
Designing rings in sizes that work for everyone is very hard though.

Soooo I made a small batch of rings that are wearable by all.  For example, the two rings on my
pointer finger are cuff rings. Meaning there is an open space (like a cuff) which makes them adjustable.

The ring on my middle finger is an asymmetrical wrap ring that I can wear on several of my fingers. It fits a wide 
range of sizes. So if you have doubt about ordering a ring that you aren't sure about size, these rings
are a safe bet!




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