Breezy silver statement earrings



silver double hoop earrings on a rock

Wearing statement earrings can turn an ordinary outfit into something 
much more fun. Big earrings work so well with short chic haircuts because 
they will clearly be seen and noticed. But if you are like me an have long hair they are 
life savors! I can have a messy ponytail and big statement earrings make that messy
ponytail seem intentional. Or if your longer hair is worn down you can
count on still seeing those earrings peeking out!

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Plants and jewelry are always a good idea


big artsy silver cross necklace with plant

Plants are wonderful and jewelry is fun self expression- especially my
big ole Livin' on a Prayer Cross necklace. I would welcome a new plant and 
new piece of jewlery any day!

I used to have a bedroom overflowing with plants when I was in high school.
Working for a florist contributed to that! I learned about them and they became 
my little pets almost. Indoor plants are really booming right now. Thats a good thing!
Plants improve the indoor air quality and are known for relieving stress and tension.
I thing they are just wonderful and make any room look more alive and dramatic.

And besides all that I've learned that plants male great jewelry props. I mean!
My cross necklace is hanging down enjoying those plant leaves.
I love spending time taking jewelry photos with all kinds of plants and flowers.
They both make life better!

For more details, browse my Cross Necklace here

Freshen up your wardrobe with heart earrings

heart stick earrings on female
Freshen up your wardrobe with new swingy heart earrings that are ready for 
those cute Spring and Summer dresses. If you have a short haircut then these 
dangles will be seen by everyone! Or if your hair is long pop it up
in a bun or pony tail with a scarf. Or be just like Skyler (pictured in photo)
and wear your hair behind one or botth ears - my heart earrings will 
still be able to peak out!

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Light and airy heart charm necklace


long heart charm necklace on trunk

 Spring is in the air. It's time to freshen up your wardrobe. Bring on your
 favorite lighter Spring colors. My long heart charm necklace
 is so light and airy that you almost forget your wearing! She blends
 so nicely with those fresh colors. Perfect for all the Spring and Summer dresses.

And guess what? this necklace is just as striking without the initial charms.
click here to learn more about my Heart Charm necklace.

Date night with a delicate statement necklace

wearing circle necklace on a date

  Date night means special time with your honey. Depending what you do
  it's nice to dress for the occassion. Wearing something you feel good in
  with a date night necklace helps to get the party started! Add some lipstick
  a spash of perfume and who know where the night will take you. 

  My big silver open circle necklace is delicate but also makes a statement.
  It has a nice clean feel and due to its simplicity works with most outfits.

  Browse my Karma necklace here for more details


A leopard print jacket with the perfect necklace

coin cluster necklace worn with leopard skin jacket

Leopard prints are still going strong. As a matter of fact animal prints in
general are popular. These prints remain so because they add a fresh and trendy look
to your wardrobe. Because pritns are busy you need to choose your jewelry carefully.
My Coin Cluster necklace is the perfect choice. For starters it's big enough
to be in balance with the leopard print. The coins are all gold so 
it bends well and looks smart. 

Browse my Coin Cluster Necklace here for more details

Wearing her aquamarine birthday earrings

female wearing blue gemstone stick earrings

Michelle loves blue and she happens to have a March birthday. So this lucky
lady also gets to have the blue gemstone aquamarine as her birthstone. She was 
gifted my cutest Aquamarine Stick earrings. Blue gemstones are always sought after.
They are soothing and pretty. And if March isn't your birthday your still allowed to 
enjoy these blue gemstones!

Browes my Aquamarine Stick earrings here to learn more.

Special milestone birthdays call for extra special jewelry




pink pearl gold coin necklace set on wood

  Some milestone birthdays we all look forward too. Turning 16
and getting your drivers license is one them. Lots of excitement revolves
around turning 21 and being able to  legally drink alcohol. It seems like after awhile we
celebrate being alive for another year but don't always like the age number attached
to said birthday! 
This necklace set was designed for someone turning 75 and she is not crazy
about that number. So to make her feel extra special and loved on this birthday
I was asked to design a piece that would make her feel fabulous and pretty. 
My theme was to incorporate some of her favorite things. The color pink, natural 
stones, crystals and a very special 22K gold coin from her brother.
natural stones. 

I love making pretty things let me know if you need something pretty too. Email for
me to get started on your own custom piece.


Be your own sweetheart with this bracelet

sweetheart Id bracelet with rose on wood
Being your own sweetheart is about taking care of YOU first. It's just
like when you're on the plane you are instructed to put your oxygen
mask on first before your child. Then you can better care for others. Thats is
what self care is all about. I designed this bracelet to be that
special reminder for YOU.

Of course you may have a different term that resignates with you and thats 
ok - I allow for that too.

Browse my Oh Sweetheart bracelet here to learn more 

Wear your favorite names in a long necklace

mom charm necklace on wood display
Would it make you feel better to see your favorite happy, inspiring
words or names on a chain around your neck? My necklaces are long
enough for you to easily see and read while wearing. This necklace features 
the names of a momma's 2 precious children. Her loves. Those names
must make her feel proud of being a mom honoring her little humans. 

You can choose ANY words that you want. This is my USE Your Words necklace
Have some fun and choose exactly what you want to be reminded of. Or what makes you 
laugh. Or your favorite words to live by.

Browse my Use Your Words necklace to get all the details.