Flower bracelet art in metal

triple metal wildflower bracelet on arm
Celebrating Mother Earth with a crown of unique metal artisan flowers - for your wrist!

This bracelet is screaming for you to run through a field of flowers. I wish I had directions for you!

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Jewelry made for your job

silver personalized charm necklace for job and modeled
This new Doctor now has a piece of jewelry that was meant to be worn to work!
All of her patients can be welcomed by her friendly smile and a necklace with her name. Not just a name but her first name.
Wouldn't you love a dentist named Dr. Sunny?!

For a custom piece with your job title email me at

Self care in the garden with flowers and the softest bracelet

a black wrap bracelet on arm holding flowers

Walking in nature, a patch of flowers or outside in the yard is calming and soothing.
Your senses can devour the floral aroma, hear the birds and bees, feel the grass and leaves, and if your
lucky find a ripe berry to nibble on.

And comfort is key when doing so for self care. Soft comfortable clothing is a must. My super soft
wrap bracelet rests gently on your wrist. bring a water bottle and a blanket to savor every moment.


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Plant based oils are the perfect addition for this big lava necklace

black lava necklace hanging in plants

My big black lava necklace is screaming for a big drop of essential oil. The benefits of
essential oils cover all kinds of territory. The most important one (I think)
at the moment would be for immunity and health.

Thieves is the oil for that! It's known to boost the immune system, promote respiratory health,
and fight microbes. The oil is so easy to apply. Just add a drop or two onto this big black stone.
Gently rub in and reapply as needed!

For more necklace details shop my Whole Lotta Lava necklace

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A pink coral scarf and bracelet for Summer!

A Summer scarf and bracelet in coral pink

Summer time is happy time! Coral pink colors always feel happy and very cheerful.
My favorite thing about my pink coral jewlery is that it can be worn as a necklace or
fun wrap bracelet.  If you love coral & pink, you will love this one!

An easy to wear bracelet for him

men's black leather beaded slide knot bracelet

By special request I made this braclet for my sister's husband. He wanted something very simple
and easy to wear. He lives near the beach and goes quite often. So I decided to add stones
in the colors of sand and surf!

To wear he can just slide over his hand. To tighten, those two end cords just need to be
pulled until the fit feels just right. Shoot me an email if you need a piece that you don't see on 
my website!

Or shop Men's Collection here to see all my current ready to wear

Riveted mixed metal Heart necklaces for your denim lifestyle

an assortment of riveted metal heart necklaces

Perfectly imperfect handcrafted unique heart necklaces that are screaming to be worn
with all your denim clothing. This variety of hearts are ruggedly casual and cool.
For expressing your creative aesthetic and love of standing our instead of blending in!

To learn more details about each of these

Click here for the top Strong Love Necklace

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Click here for the bottom Wild Love Necklace


Riveted metal cross necklaces for all

three handcrafted riveted mixed metal crosses necklaces  on rock

My brother in law asked me to design a cross necklace for him.
One that you can toss over your head. Not having to use a clasp is always a bonus.

In the meantime I'm thinking - come one, come all! These necklaces arent just for men.

Get all the necklace details here


A unique mixed metal dog tag necklace

artisan dog tag necklace worn on male

Dog tags were first introduced to the United States military in 1906 as a required part of soldiers' uniforms.
Items on the dog tag included name, service number, blood type, and religion. Today they are a popular
jewelry item that is considered both rugged and stylish.

My artisan style, mixed metal dog tag necklace includes a riveted strip of hammered copper.
Simple style with a unique twist. However an engraved dog tag with your custom message is a gift
he/she will always wear and cherish.

Fot more details about necklace click here

Big heart pearl leather necklace for causal cool style

wearing black jacket and big rustic heart statement necklace

When it comes to hearts -  bigger is better! Especially on this custom necklace.

Leather, pearls, a turquoise agate gemstone with a big rustic heart celebrates unusual
artisan jewelry. It is a statement making piece that tells the world who you are!

I can make you a custom piece or feel free to browse my neckace collection where you will also
find more big rustic heart jewelry