Blog posts of '2020' 'April'

Self care the easy way with a good book & an aromatherapy bracelet

holding a book & wearing an earthy bracelet

If you love to read like I do then by all means please make time for yourself to enjoy
this pleasure. It used to be a guilty pleasure for me because I never felt like there was
enough extra time.

Even if you are going non stop all day you can carve out 10 minutes before bedtime
take a moment for -YOU! I like to think of it as the ole put the oxygen mask on yourself
before your child so that you can be of better help. 

And while your at it slip on an aromatherapy bracelet add some fragrant oil. Of course lavendar
is always popular for relaxing but there are many to choose from.

I read this book years ago -LOVED it. I heard its coming to HBO at some point in the future.
Im looking forward to that! In the meantime, if you are a reader, you need this book! You can
buy it here.


For more info on my earthy gemstone aromatherapy bracelet shop here

Gift a hope & a prayer necklace to someone who need it

cross statement necklace in jewelry bags with denim

Need a unique gift for someone who is struggling and could use some extra
encouragment? This is slip over your head, easy to wear! Say hello to my 
Livin' on a Prayer cross necklace. Its long and goes with absolutley everything.

Each cross necklace come with a cute gift bag and denim insert with an uplifting 
quote card. It ready to go. 

For more info on this necklace shop here

Wear your love with a big edgy heart statement necklace

denim outfit with copper heart statement necklace

When you feel like be armored in strnegth and love you can't go wrong with my new
Strong Love necklace. Its a little bit eddgy, a little bit badass and has a whole lotta love!
for mor details shop my necklace here

My new favorite big little heart necklace!

wearing a gold heart necklace

I've been working on a bunch of heart designs lately. This sweet piece is my big little heart necklace!
It seems to go with everything and Im loving the hell out of it!

I should be releasing it any day now. Join my email list and you too can know when its available
for purchase! 

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Pink & orange necklace for a Johnny Was tunic

colorful gemstone necklaces in gray tunic

              If you are a fan of whimsicale embroidery then check out all of the clothes
              from Johnny Was. I was gifted this awesome tunic but it needed a cheery
              necklace. And since I'm a jewelry designer I can make it so!




pink orange gemstone necklaces with top

I decided on pinks and oranges to compliment those colors found in the embroidery. Plus they look
so pretty with gray. I added a 1986 decorative coin from Guatemala that adds even more detail!


Do you have a favorite top or outfit but still needs the right kind of jewelry? Give mea shout 
and we'll get started. Send me at email here at -


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lands and you also get to enjoy intro pricing!

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My flowering ground cover bloomed a heart necklace

Gold heart necklace in flower bush

I sure wish my ground cover would actually bloom heart necklaces! This ground cover is so pretty
and produces the most vibrant flowers. With a cheerful back drop like this I had photograph
my new heart necklace amoungst the blooms.

This particular ground cover is a variety of Ice plant. It's called Purple Bush ice plant
(or Lampranthus Productus). It fully opens up in the sun and then goes back to sleep and closes
up a bit when the sun goes down. Click here to learn more about this groundcover.

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Give the gift of a coin necklace & bracelet



coin jewelry gold chain on wood


By gifting yourself (or someone else) coin jewelry you are sharing a piece of history and art! 

What a conversation piece. These coins are from all around the globe.These pieces are classic!
A simple necklace with pearl classes up up your blue jeans in a heartbeat.
Slip on this chunky coin bracelet and you'll feeling like Grace Kelly in no time.

For more details shop necklace here or bracelet here

Or see all my coin jewelry here

Easy Self care with plants, tea ( + a bracelet)

wearing ID bracelet with tea & plants

When you are short on alone time but need a dose of self care try this simple solution.

I needed an extra cup today and opted for a healthy cup of green tea. And why not choose a a colorful
cup that adds some happy. Now get yourself out of the house, cup in hand and find a quite place outside.

Pull up a chair next to something in bloom in your yard. Or the nearest potted plant. 
 Now for the next 10 minutes slowly sip that cup and just be present. Really listen to the birds, feel the sun
or shade on your face and notice how it feels. Take some calming breaths and give your brain
a short break from anything that is troubling you. Just 10 minutes of slef care can help improve
your mood and outlook.

Of course it doesn't hurt to be wearing a pretty bracelet! This is a new mixed metal ID bracelet
I'm working on. It is not yet listed. If you want to know when it lands be sure to join my
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Leather & pearls for BIG heart necklaces

pearl leather heart necklace on wood

Are you a fan of hearts and rustic style? If so, then here is a necklace that you might
appreciate.  It is an original and custom made for a lover of hearts. Made
with leather, pearls and a big round facted agate stone.
(that's beautiful shade of turquoise)

This necklace is extra sweet because the length is adjustable. All that chain
in back lets you wear on the short side. Or hang longer when layering.



long leather pearl crystal copper heart necklace

This is the longer one that is also made with leather and pearls. This necklace 
include a BIG beautiful shiny Swarovski crystal drop that adds sparkle to this BIG copper

I'm now on a role of making more hearts! Join my email list to find out when
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Brighten your mood with a colorful necklaces

pink blouse with orange & pink necklaces

Color therapy dates back to ancient Egyptians who used colored glass for theraputic purposes.
I can see why it works without reading anything!

It isn't hard to see that orange is a warm stimulating color that will energize your mood.
It is also known to combat sluggishness. Pink is known to be useful in easing emotional
stress. The color pink is used to help aid grief, sadness, restore youth and help bring
you closer to your true feelings. 

I find that these pink and orange together are so fun, uplifting and cheerful. Learn more about
the benefits of color therapy here.


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