Blog posts of '2020' 'July'

Wrapped in a leather bracelet while taking a quiet moment

wearing a long leather wrap bracelet by the fire

Quiet moments are necessary for each and everyone one of us. It's like recharging your batteries.
And I say take that moment anytime an opportunity presents itself. We need that time to pause
and reflect.

So when I found myself alone by the outside fire pit I siezed the moment. Wouldn't you know it, I 
happened to be wearing my Follow Your Path bracelet. The intention behind this piece is about living
life on your terms. Every now and again it's good to stop and see how that path is looking. Are you
staying on your own path, even when others think you should be on a different path?

I encourage you to take some quiet moments for yourself. think about your path and where you might
like to go. If you need a reminder you can shop my Follow Your Path bracelet here for more details

My garden is blooming with coin jewelry (I wish!)

coin necklace in hand in the garden

While I love plants, flowers and tree's of all kinds - I wouldn't be mad if coin necklaces just started
popping up too. So the next best thing is to photograph my pieces amoung all the flora and fauna. 
Natures beauty seems to compliment everything.

My garden necklace for today is this Coin Cluster necklace. This includes 3 old coins from around the world.
Rich in culture, history and artistic design. I have soins from everywhere. Shoot me an email if you are
looking for a particular location.

You can find more details here for my Coin Cluster necklace

or see the entire Wanderlust Coin Collection here.

My favorite Mexican falsa blanket and heart necklace

mexican blanket and riveted metal heart necklace

When I moved to California back in the 80's I noticed that everyone seemed to have one of these 
Mexican falsa blankets. Not long after I drove down to Mexico and bought two my own. I love these soft
durable, colorful blankets. They can be used for so many things. I still have and use mine!

This blanket is many shades of teal with black. My copper heart necklace looks so pretty against
those strong colors. They both share vibrant expression and celebrate an artisan culture.

For more details about my necklace click here

His & Hers wedding hashtag jewelry

mixed metal wedding hashtag jewelry

Long mixed metal necklaces for the bride and groom. They will continue to enjoy
their unique hashtag and will never forget an anniversary with this hanging around their necks!
This makes a great wedding keepsake gift.

See details on the dog tag necklace here

See details on the charm necklace for her here

A gemstone charm bracelet for your blue jeans

red, green, turquoise silver chain charm bracelet with blue jeans
Charm bracelets can be all chain or like mine, both chain and some colorful gemstones. 
I named this the Totem Pole Charm bracelet because that's exactly what it looks like to me! 

This bracelet includes a charm to be personalized but I also think it's pretty cute as is. Just a big 
heavy circle charm has an elegant feel. Of course you can add more charms on all those links
of chain if you really want to fill it up!

Click here for more details on bracelet

Meaningful jewelry on a zen frog

zen from with silver circle necklace

With froggy legs crossed, this zen frog statue sits in a meditative state bringing peacefulness
and fun.  The intention behind my Surround Yourself necklace is about surrounding yourself with
people that reflect who you want to be and how you want to feel.  Setting your sail so to speak,
instead of drifting along in life. 
You can slip it on over your head, take a moment to think about how you want to feel
and then befin your day. It's that easy!


Click here for more necklace details

In the garden with aromatherapy jewelry and an elephant

aromatherapy bracelets on an elephant in garden

What do plants, elephants and aromatherapy bracelets have in common?
plants produce the healing scented oils that are used on these bracelets. Elephants are symbols
for good luck and protection.

My Serenity Now bracelets are about adding some balance to your life.
Allowing you to feeling protected when wearing a soothing oil. When I stepped into my friends
garden and saw her cute little elephant, I knew it was meant to be in this photo!


Click here for more details about bracelet

Artisan Cross necklace that makes a statement

group of artsy cross necklaces in metal choices

My artisan cross neckaces are long enough to toss over your head. And soon as you do - BOOM
you've made a statement! They speak for themselves and are fun to wear with all your casual
clothes or layered up of course! 

They come in silver, brass and bronze. For more details about necklaces click here

Edgy chandelier chain earrings for going out

earthy Copper silver hoop chain earrings

When you want to let your edgy side out let these mixed metal hoop chain earrings lead the way!
I actually made these for my sister but have since decided to add them to my site. If you like these
be sure to join my email list. Subscribers get first dibs and intro pricing.

You can sign up bu hitting the link at top of page that says "Lets be friends"


Seashells and pink coral jewelry

pink coral gemstone necklace/bracelet on seashells

Seashells instantly connect you to the beach just like my pink coral jewelry does. 
They both provide a feeling of carefree joy that you never want to end. And this piece is so versatire 
because you can wear it as wrap bracelet or a necklace. Let your mood choose how to wear!

For more details shop my Pinkberry Necklace/bracelet here