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A chunky gold coin necklace that matches everything

coin cluster necklace on wood with scarf

If being practical suits you and you love old coins then my Coin Cluster
necklace will get the job done. Sold metal in gold or silver will always be
practical. These won't clash with any outfit. Not to busy and
not to colorful. Plus if you are traveling then that makes it easy to pack.

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Casual necklace stacks for everyday

wearing a casual cool necklace stack
Necklace stacks are just as interesting, personal and
meaningful as your bracelet stacks. You can stack as
many as you like. And boom you've got a super cute
look for tee shirts or casual hanging out.

Shown here is my Coin Cluster necklace. It almost looks
like two necklaces with this jumble of old unique coins.
Alongside that is my It's All Good necklace. With red shiny
crystals and some petite sized gemstones its the opposite of the 
coin cluster necklace - and they look great together!

Maybe you have 3 necklaces that mean a lot to you. But they are 
quite diffferent. Maybe one has a small single stone. Another a name
or word charm necklace. And maybe you've got a fancy necklace
in your jewlery box. One that you save for special ocassions.
Well.... try wearing all three at the same time. Just for fun!
See how it looks. Think about how it good it wood feel to wewar your
three favorites. I say go for it. Express yourself!

Browse my Coin Cluster necklace here.

Browse my It's All Good Necklace here.

Paperclip chain coin necklace with a patterned top

model in plaid shirt with gold coin cluster necklac

This coin cluster necklace is jingly jangly fun plus
its great to pair with any of your busy patterned clothing.
It doesn't join the business of a top but rather compliments
it. Each piece seems to compliment the other. That a good match.

So Spring or Fall, Winter or Summer this coin necklace will be
great with any of your patterns and style for the season. A timeless
staple for your jewelry box!

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Travel inspiration with jewelry and clothes

coin cluster necklace on mannequin

I'm always dreaming about places to travel. Trying all the food, 
seeing the old architecture and experiencing different cultures brings
up all that wanderlust. Wearing one of my coin cluster necklaces
will let the dreaming begin! Each necklace has 3 different coins in size and shape
from ALL over the world!

Of course what you wear and how to pack is important too. This comfy looking
tee-shirt style dress has a chic feel to it. Great big funky pockets and
chabby chic stitching is keeps this casually cool. And it won't take up
much space in your suitcase. You can get this dress at Clay and Cotton.
And its a fabulous pairing with my coin necklace

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Browse my Wanderlust Coin Collection here

Are you ready to go out, have fun and wear jewelry?!

wearing print dress with coin cluster necklace & earrings

This Summer feels like a return to living life before the pandemic!
The sweat pants that we all became used too could
probably use a break from working overtime. Im ready to go
out and have some fun. Its time!

The dress hadn't seen the light of day for quite some time. My
Coin Cluster necklace is jingly-jangly which feels like a party.
So thats what I chose..And with masks coming to an end
we can wear lipstick again! 
And my Circle Dance earrings couldn't be left out.
They are always up for being social! They give you
that boost of energy to get up and go.

Grab your favorite lipstick and treat yourself to some
new jewelry to celebrate being able to go out and have some

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Feeling well traveled with a coin cluster necklace!

outside wearing a coin cluster necklace

After being homebound for what felt like a very long time, I slipped 
on my coin cluster necklace. Its like a trip around the world. Kinda sorta!
These old coins are fabulous. You are wearing art history! My cluster
necklace is all in gold. Being one metal color makes
this very easy to wear with busy patterns like my top
and sweater. My ears didn't want to be left out of the party
so I popped in my Circle Dance earrings play very well with this necklace.
So feel free to copy this look!

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Browse my Circle Dance earrings here 

A leopard print jacket with the perfect necklace

coin cluster necklace worn with leopard skin jacket

Leopard prints are still going strong. As a matter of fact animal prints in
general are popular. These prints remain so because they add a fresh and trendy look
to your wardrobe. Because pritns are busy you need to choose your jewelry carefully.
My Coin Cluster necklace is the perfect choice. For starters it's big enough
to be in balance with the leopard print. The coins are all gold so 
it bends well and looks smart. 

Browse my Coin Cluster Necklace here for more details

An old world cross and coin necklace

coin cluster necklace on old ross

Old world style has so much charm and character and detail. this cross is full of carved designs.
Just like the coins in my Coin Cluster necklace shown here. These coins cme from all over the world
and some are very old. Each coin has artwork that represents where it is from.
Those coins are full of character and a little art history too!

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My garden is blooming with coin jewelry (I wish!)

coin necklace in hand in the garden

While I love plants, flowers and tree's of all kinds - I wouldn't be mad if coin necklaces just started
popping up too. So the next best thing is to photograph my pieces amoung all the flora and fauna. 
Natures beauty seems to compliment everything.

My garden necklace for today is this Coin Cluster necklace. This includes 3 old coins from around the world.
Rich in culture, history and artistic design. I have soins from everywhere. Shoot me an email if you are
looking for a particular location.

You can find more details here for my Coin Cluster necklace

or see the entire Wanderlust Coin Collection here.

Black and white fashion with a gold coin necklace

gold coin necklace worn with black and white

Staying in fashion is as simple as black and white. It's timeless. You can't go wrong.

This black and white textural cardigon is from Eileen Fisher. It can be with a white tee shirt, turtle neck
or blouse. My Coin Cluster Necklace adds more detail with these cool old coins from all over the globe.

And added bonus is how often you can touch and play with those coins!

Shop the Coin Cluster necklace here.