Blog posts of '2021' 'July'

Big fun statement earrings for your blue jeans

holding big gold disc earrings

Blue jean outfits take on that cool vibe when you can add
some accessories and earrings like these. They can funky up
your look in no time. Even with a head of messy hair 
wearing some fun statement earrings can pull it all together.
Don't be shy. Go for it!

Browse my Circle Dance earrings here for more details

Yes you can wear a neck scarf with a necklace

wearing scarf with coin cluster necklace

Absolutley you can wear a scarf around your neck and still
show off a cool necklace. The scarf can keep your neck
warm and colorful while the necklace gets a lot of attention! They actually compliment
each other. So try it! Its a great combo.

Browse my Coin Cluster necklace here

Browse the enire Wanderlust Coin Collection here

For the love of hearts and jewelry

bronze dotted heart necklace on red wood heart

For the love of hearts in all forms inlcuding this necklace!
Heart art is fascinating and found everywhere from nature rocks
and cloud formations to clothing patterns, galleries, ironwork,
jewelry and home decor. I've got rustic hearts, feminine hearts
and heart charms. Hearts and heart art are timless treasures.
Feel free to browse all of my hearts to find one that speaks to you.

Browse my I heart You necklace

Browse my entire Heart Collection

How to say I love you with a necklace

wearing vintage heart tag necklace

When you say I love you with a necklace it will be seen
every single day or every single time you wear. So when you touch
this token it will be a reminder. A reminder of who gave it to you
and why. So this appropriately named Feel the Love necklace is meant 
for the wearer to feel all the love possible!

Browse my Feel the Love necklace here


Personalized heart bracelets make it special


3 unique heart bracelets on distressed table

Personalized anything - makes for a much better gift!
Including these bracelets. It feels intentional and well thought
out to see your name in print. Just for YOU! My amore 
heart bracelets can have names added within the chain. So you can choose
a name, place or date. Whatever feels best to you. Or you can leave it
as is with no name if that feels like you too.

Learn more details about my Amore Heart bracelet here

Wear to work bracelets

holding silver textured cuff bracelets by lap top
Dressing for work can sometimes have limitations
depending on what your job is. If you are your computer a lot you 
find yourself annoyed with jangley bracelets that get in 
the way when you are typing. Or maybe they make to much noise?
My textured cuff bracelets are the perfect work bracelet. Why?

They are cuffs so there is no dangling chain. They just sit around
your wrist looking pretty. You can wear them in a set of three
or a set of five. There to remind you there is life after work!

Browse my Soulfed set of three here

Brpwse my Souldfed set of five here

or enjoy yourself and

Browse ALL my bracelets/cuffs here

Start your own chain gang with this chain link necklace

long chain link necklace on board

            Chain jewelry is all over the place right now! Everything
            from plastic chains to crazy bold colorful chain to your standard
            metal chains like my my Chain Reaction necklace. Since I designed this
            this piece I've noticed that it has been the starter necklace for
            collecting chain jewelry. This aby can be worn a number of ways
            as well. To learn more about this necklace click on the 
            links below.

             Browse the silver Chain Reaction Necklace here

             Broswe the Mixed metal Chain Reaction Necklace here

             Browse the Chain Reaction Bracelet here


Travel dreams with an old coin bracelet

old coin bracelet on top of map

Do you enjoy collecting souvenirs, trinkets or post cards to remember
or dream about places from around the world? My old coin jewelry
is a cool way to do just that. I can either make you a custom piece of
jewelry with coins from places you have been or you can just choose any piece
if you enjoy the art history that each coin offers. This pearl coin bracelet is now at 
one if my retailers called Clay and Cotton. You can buy it from them!

Browse my Wanderlust Coin Collection here for ready to wear.


Remembering Chris with Morse code bracelets


3 Morse code bracelets on trunk

These Morse code bracelets feature the name Chris.
Chris sadly passed away. Much to soon. These were made for
his brothers and father. Wearing them will be an easy way to keep
him close in mind and heart. They can touched as often as needed. 
Designed to be worn every day if need be. I plan on adding
Morse code bracelets to my site. In the meantime, if you
want one just send me an email.

Browse this Morse Code bracelet for more details


An artisan necklace is great with bohemian clothes

hammered-bronze bar crystal necklace with boho top

When your inner free spirit raises its head and wants to come 
out and play...grab your fun patterened boho top or dress or skirt
and put my Sundancer necklace around your neck to 
complete the look. You'll be feeling fine and shining
bright with this dazzling crystal that dances in the light. 

Browse my Sundancer necklace here