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A bookmark to keep you from overthinking about it

copper artisan bookmark on book

Are you an overthinker? I sure can be at times. If you are trying to break this habit and have some 
new awareness about it then check out this awesome book - Am I Overthining it? Its a fun read full of
diagrams and good info. And of course by using one of my bookmarks you'll never loose your place.
You can up right where you left off and stop overthinking about it!

This bookmark has been persoalized which Im happy to do for you too. Shoot me an email to inquire


Or you can browse bookmarks that are currently available below

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Bookmark #3

Remembering Summer with a big heart necklace

wearing shorts and a big copper heart necklace

 During the Winter months its fun to think back to those sunny days of warm weather, comfy shorts
and sitting outside with the birds and the bees. Simple white Summer tee shirts are great back drops
for jewelry and especially this big heart necklace. (Although it wouold probably show up quite
well in any season!)

This particular necklace was part of 3 big custom copper heart necklaces

But if you like big hearts I have more to browse below

Stong Love Necklace

Queen of Hearts Necklace

Wild Love Necklace

Fierce Love Necklace


Feeling the love with friendship and jewelry

gals wearing lots of jewelry

Good conversation, lots of laughter, and piles of gorgeous jewelry has one feeling all the love. You know
how much different you feel when you have a coordinated outfit on, your hair nicely brushed and a pretty
necklace or two when meeting up with friends.

It would feel completely different if you had on sweatpants, a mismatched top, and a baseball cap.
That outfit is perfectly fine for lounging around. But when going out for the day it just feels better when
you are put together.  You can opt for a fun pile of jewelry (on the right) or maybe just one necklace
will complete your outfit. On the left my is my Feel the Love heart necklace. It is a very casual
statement necklace that can be worn day or night.


Browse my Feel the Love heart necklace here.

An Irish coin necklace for an Irish Lass

wearing her pearl  Irish coin necklace with doggie

Noreen loves her pooch but she also has a new love in her life. She loves her custom 1971 Irish
coin necklace! She has dual citizenship and a deep love for her Irish roots including all things green.
And her coin being the year 1971 is very signifcant and hold a special place in her heart. 



woman in black top with green pearl Irish coin necklace

Coin necklaces are so unique. They are historic tokens with artwork from that culture. Custom pieces
are always fun to design to get specifically what you want. But if you appreciate all the old coins in general
You can browse my ready to wear coin jewelry designs. 

Browse my Wanderlust Coin Collection

Bookmark with a love note

custom copper bookmark

            Linda is sending a forever love note with this custom bookmark. Imagine every time you open or close your book and
            finding this sweet message?! This love note was stamped in copper and was built to last! Made for her gentleman friend
            she wanted a little bit of a masculine feel. The African bead and leather tassel adds just the right pop of fun.

            I have book marks available but Im always happy to make a custom one with your own special words, message or ove note!

Purple on purple and a bracelet

purple stone coin bracelet with sweater

When you love purple clothes, purple hair and purple crayons of course you would want a purple
gemstone coin bracelet. This was made for a purple loving gal. She doesn't even know yet that this
bracelet is for her! I am loving coin jewelry so much. This piece was custom made and I'm always happy
to make a custom piece so you can get exactly what you want. But I also have ready to wear coin jewelry
thats ready and waiting to be worn by you!

Contact me here for custom

Or shop here to see what I have available Wanderlust Coin Collection

Personalized whimsical artisan bookmark gifts for booklovers

copper jeweled bookmark in open book

When gift giving season is here and you want something for the writers and book lovers in your life
a custom bookmark with any words you want is a creative memorable gift that will be cherished.  These
bookmarks each have a meaningful verse that was specifically chose for the recipients. Custom allows 
for that.



whimsical copper bookmark next to book
Bookmarks can be used for cook books, big coffee table books, journels, novels, art books you name it.
And how cute would they look on your nightstand or desk? They add a boost of happy with pretty beads
those hammered spirals and words galore!

If you would like a custom bookmark email me here to get started

Or shop my current selection of boookmarks below


Stepping out with blue gemstone bracelet for him

wearing men's gemstone bracelet on wrist with coat

Yes men get to wear jewelry too. Whether its sentimental, for the love of meaningful gemstones or 
sometimes its just about having some style in your everyday life. This guy here really appreciates
the gemstones for their beauty and meaning. He wanted lots of blues and some tan brown in his new
bracelet and I love how it looks on him.




men's blue beaded bracelet with hand on knee
Men's jewelry can be casual for blue jeans and adventures or dressed up for date night or
whatever special ocassions come his way. This bracelet was a custom design that can easily be
recreated. Or you can browse all my men's ready to wear jewelry here. Gift your man some cool jewels!

Comfort and joy with a blue and silver necklace set

modern silver blue stone necklace set on wood
     This sterling silver blue gemstone necklace set is all about casual comfort which most certainly
     brings joy. After all fashion should be comfortable and have you feeling good. These pretty
     blues stones with sterling silver are soothing and calm. Hammered metal is the perfect element in
     unique art jewlery. I may have to make more of these in a variety of colors!

    Custom made but I can easily recreate this. Email me here to get yours,

What would you wear? A chain or leather necklace?!

gemstone stick necklace on chain and leather
                      Decisions decisions. Some are easier than others. My super long Totem Pole necklace
                      was originally designed with a handsome leather cord. While I love this look I
                      recently used a chain instead and really liked it.  Plus for all my vegans
                      you now have an option.

                      Get the details on my Totem Pole necklace here.