Blog posts of '2020' 'December'

Remembering when with a French Coin necklace

wearing a gold chain old French coin necklace

       That never forgotten trip to France won't ever be forgotten with her French Coin necklace . This gal took a special trip to explore and
       enjoy all that France had toatoffer. No doubt that includes delicious cheeses, wines and baquettes! But a coin necklace
       is here to stay long after you have swallowed and digested all theat edible goodness!

Brighten his day with a men's gemstone bracelet

blue tan beaded men's bracelet

I've noticed that most all men seem to love the color blue. Of course not for every single but man
but the bracelet requests I get usually always include these colors. Add in some earthy tans and a splash of aqua
and you've got a good looking combination of stones. Handsome on any wrist. These stones are meant for
brightening up the day ahead.


See more bracelet and stone info here.

Outfitting made easy with a little black necklace

black crystal necklace being worn

Everyone should have a little black necklace in their jewelry box - it's a no brainer! It lets you take
the gueswwork out of getting dressed. Now that makes for a great morning! Black is smart and this
necklace is simple so it can ride alongside most anything. Its the perfect necklace to wear out for
coffee with girlfriends or cocktails in the evening.

For more info on my Little Black necklace click here 

Tread lightly roam far with spinning wheel earrings

long organic silver artisan earrings

Moving forward no matter what life brings our way allows for new growth and opportunities.
We each have our own unique path. My spinning wheel earrings are ready to take that adventure with you.
Here to remind you to keep on keepin on as the world turns.

Click here for more details about my Spinning Wheel earrings

A cute blue jean style charm bracelet

turquoise gemstone charm bracelet on wrist
At one point in time charm bracelets were always fancy and considered prestigious. This dates back
to 600-400 BC. Back then Queen Victoria regularly wore a charm bracelet which started
a big fashion trend amoung all European noble classes. 

I love charm bracelets and am so glad that we dress more casual in todays society. With vibrant 
red, green and turquoise gemstones my charm bracelet
 is so cute with blue jeans and casual style. Charm bracelets are timeless treasures.

Click here for more details on my Totem Pole Charm bracelet



Earrings for your next zoom meeting

Wearing big round gold disc earrings
Without a doubt we have all gotten very familiar with Zoom calls and meetings this past 2020. 
Who cares if you have on pajama bottoms or sweat pants, right?! I'd say the new essentials are earrings
a scarf can pack some punch and lipstick is nice too. Getting ready made simple! My big bold statement
earrings have been life savors for me.

Click here to learn more about my Circle Dance earrings

Express yourself with organic statement earrings

silver earrings and charm bracelet on wood

          When you have a zoom call and need an instant boost of looking dressed and ready -
          statement earrings are the answer. No one will notice if your hair is brushed or not! These
          earrings will get all the attention. And if you want to add in a charm bracelet go for it. You can 
          choose any words charms to keep your spirits high.

           Click here to learn more about the Totem Pole bracelet

           Email me to order a pair of earrings like these-

Use your words necklace to say what you want to say!

Word s charm necklace on a book
The power of words. Words have a big impact. Words make lasting memories. Words can heal, harm,
soothe, bring joy, laughter and spread love. My Use Your Words necklace lets you choose all the things
you want to say whether its funny, naughty or brimming with love. These necklaces are great for gift
giving because you can create a truly unique piece thta is specific to the recipient.

Its a necklace that lets you use your imagination to say exactly what you want to say!

Click here to learn more Use Your Words Necklace

Safe and sound and pretty with a necklace

druzy necklace on female with mask
Here in Los Angeles we are currently under a stay at home order - as much as possible. So even
though mask wearing is in full swing to keep us all as safe and sound you can still add a pop of pretty!
Like this druzy necklace that actually has a pretty sparkle (even though its hard to tell here). And we
can now have so many masks to choose from. So you can coordinate your mask with your outfit and
jewelry of course!

Shop my Druzy necklace here to learn more.

Celebrating Brazil with a coin necklace

Brazil coin necklace with green stones
    Brazil is the land of the Amazon rainforest, beautiful tropical beaches and exquisite waterfalls. So 
    naturally I designed this necklace with a strand turquoise and green stones that remind me of a 
    flowing waterfall. 

   Green stone Brazil coin necklace on mannequin

   This necklace feels like wearing your own private Brazilian waterfall every day all day. I have
   many brazilian coins and plenty of green stones if you want your own token to remember the beauty of

   Feel free to browse my Wanderlust Coin Collection for ready to wear necklaces or email me to have
   a custom piece made just the way you want to it.