Blog posts of '2020' 'October'

Let love dangle from your ears with heart hoop earrings

silver & gold heart hoop earrings laying on denim

Nothing lets you literally drip in love  - like heart hoops when they spill from your ears, right?!
Hearts have remained popular through the ages. They are collected by many for home decor,
there are heart shaped cakes, heart designs are found on clothing, towels and of course in jewelry.

I love hearts too. You can make so many different whimsical heart shapes too.So....I knew
I had to make heart hoop earrings in both silver and gold to cover all the bases. These babes
slide through right through your earlobe.


For more info click on Gold Heart Hoop earrings

For more info click Silver Heart Hoop Earrings
















A cool necklace for your flannel shirts

cool sterling necklace on mannequin with flannel shirt

Play it cool with an artisan necklace that compliments your casual flannel shirts. Playing it cool is about
making an effort to be, or appear to be calm and not overly emotional. The benefits of aiming to remain
in a calm state serves us well. Better decisioons are made because you will be less impulsive. Evn though
we may start out doing the "playing" before you know it you'll be acting as if. Thats a good thing!




artisan silver asymmetrical necklace on wood

       This necklace is for making you feel unique, original, calm and cool AF! Its got the perfect amount of
       casual laid back style for flannel shirts in my book.


      For more detail click here to learn about my Play it Cool Necklace

Asymmetrical style with a wrap ring

wearing an asymmetrical metal wrap ring
My wrap ring is an example of asymmetrical style. Meaning it is not exactly the same on both sides
yet remains in balance. Not identical. When something is symmetric those parts face each other. 
A circle is symmetrical. I love the look and feel of both symmetry and asymmetrical designs. By using
an asymmetrical design on this ring keeps it more interesting and unexpected. Just the way I like it!

This ring is hammered in both copper or brass. For more details click here.

Feeling down to earth with a cowbell and leather necklace

silver circle leather necklace on a cowbell

Feeling down to earth is to be open and honest with ease. No aire of importance or being prentious.
That comfortable feeling you get when talking with someone who is grounded and practical. People like
that feel good to be around. It feels natural.
Just as this well worn cowbell is loved for being in this rustic state my leather Surround Yourself necklace
is just as casual and down to earth. It is a simle piece that represents the importance of who you surround
with, why and how you want to feel. 

For more info on my necklace shop

Silver Surround Yourself Necklace here

Copper Surround Yourself Necklace here. 

When your picnic blanket matches your pink bracelet

Pink gemstone necklace/bracelet on matching blanket

Color inpiration is all around us. Nature is one place to find it. But I also just discovered how
fabulous my Pinkberry bracelet looks with my picnic/beach blanket. I would most certainly wear these
colors with this bracelet. Maybe some white jeans, a pink top with a gold yellow sweater or jacket. Or some
form of that combination. Keep your eyes open for all the fun color inspiration. It's a good thing!

A gold & pearl Peruvian Coin necklace birthday gift

mom wearing coin necklace with daughter
Birthday celebrations with gifts are always fun to receive. This lovely is a Peruvian girl. Her mother-in-law
gifted her this gold Peru coin in a pearl and mixed gold chain necklace. So pretty against her skin tone. 
These old coins have incredibly beautiful markings and symbols that represent that country. See the
picture below to view coin detail.


gold chain old coin necklace on wood & white trunk

The lady on this coin is so cool - earrings (yes!) and all kinds of gorgeous hair ornaments or are they braids?
Either way they the artwork is beautifully intricate. I have coin galore and can make you a custom
necklace or you can shop my ready to wear coin jewerly.

To shop a necklace with this same design click here

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Gifting love with an Italian coin heart bracelet

Heart chain bracelet gift with Italian coin on rock

When a dear Italian friends birthday was coming up my customer orderd the most appropriate gift 
for her! A gift filled with love and meaning. A gift that will remind her everytime she wears just how
loved she is.
My heart bracelet come with the amore already engraved in the heart. Amore is the Italian word for 
love. Top it off with an Italian coin where her family immigrated from and you've covered all the bases.
Timeless, meaningful gifts feel so good to give too. 

This link takes you to my heart bracelet.  Want a coin added too? Shoot me an email here!


Live, Give and wear your karma with a big circle necklace

silver circle necklace hanging in the garden

I'm in full agreement that we should all be living, giving and wearing our karma. My Karma necklace
can be your daily reminder to think about how we treat others and what our role is in the world




wearing big silver open circle necklace outside

The following quote says it all. “In the end, just three things matters: How well we have lived,
How well we have loved, How well we have learned to let go”. 

Shop my Karma necklace here

Friends, fun and jewelry are always essential

girlfriends with drinks and jewlery

Making time for friends, relaxing and catching up is essential. Allowing joy. No matter what life throws 
at you, be sure to make some time for fun. Treat yourself! My customer Jenny did. She is wearing
her family heritage with an old coin necklace.  The Netherlands to be exact. Some of her ancestors
may have touched this coin:)




female with black tee shirt and old coin necklace

While Jenny's coin necklace was custom made I also have ready to wear coinjewlery. You can also ask 
if I have a specific coin. I very well may. Make yourself essential everyday. Find your joy. Laugh. Love.
and treat yourself from time to time. You deserve good things!


To see more of my coin jewelry click here Wanderlust Coin Collection 

Boat life and men's bracelets

guy wearing bracelets on a boat

    When you live in Las Vegas one way to cool off is being out on the water in a boat - and of course
    wearing a set of cool men's bracelets for some style on the side. Looks a slice of heaven to feel the
    wind in your face while gliding across the water.




guy with bracelets on arm while driving a boat

 So when you're not on a boat enjoying the day you but want to feel the peace
 just add a drop or two of soothing tranquil onto the black lava beads. Why? Because this is also
 an essential oil bracelet set. Making whatever the day brings you a little easier with this comfort on 
 your wrist all day long!

 To see my Essentia oil Jewelry Collection click here

 To see my Men's Collection click here.