Blog posts of '2022' 'September'

Cute artisan earrings for casual styling

flat lay outfit & silver turquoise earrings

With accents of turquoise blue and green peridaot gemstones
these artisan earrings add some punch to any casual outfit. Dressing up
your blue jeans with heals, hat and scarf? Don't forget to add
in some cute, eye catrching earrings. You can stand out from all that
department store, manufactured jewelry and wear something that
feels authentic with heart and soul. Anything artisan is always extra
special and thats how you should feel too.

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Tag along anklets go where you go

silver anklet stack on foot
Bare feet or sandled feet like a little decoration too! My Tag
Along anklets easy to wear, all silver and go with everything.
And sometimes two is better than one. So here you have two 
identical anklets for a casul cool style. Plus, these anklets are not
afraid of the water! You can swim, sauna or hot tub it wearing
these. Made with stainless steal they are hardy as well as being
tarnish and rust free. Whats not to love?!

Browse the Tag Along anklet here

A chunky chain necklace for patterned tops and dresses

blue print top & chunky silver chain necklace
A simple go to chain necklace for your fun busy prints is just
the ticket! This chunky chain necklace works so well with any of your prints,
flannel plaids and textured clothing. A chain necklace adds a touch of
detail but doesn't steal the show. Its all about balance. If its a favorite 
print that makes you happy then let it steal the show. 
Jewelry can be the accessory that toes it all together.

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Easy come easy go jewelry

denim clothes & long silver chain necklace

Easy come easy go is an easy way to live with anything denim this fun
versatile silver chain necklace. In a hurry? Grab anything denim,  like a skirt,
top, jacket, blue jeans, or a dress and a silver necklace. You
really really can't go wrong. Its like an insta-outfit. Takes out all the 
over thinking about it! The Chain reaction is versatile in that it can be worn 
multiple ways. Long as shown.  Double up as shown. But you can also
wear it long and just clasp the hook along any part of the chain.
This allows you to create all kinds of looks and style.
If you need some easy come easy go in your closet, this necklace
sure comes in handy.

Browse the Chain Reation necklace here for more details.

A necklace for arrowhead collectors

mixed metal arrowhead necklace on rock stack
When you know someone is a collector of something that 
always gives you a good idea for future gift giving events. 
My bronze Arrowhead necklace is perfect for the arrowhead collector. 
Whether its arrowheads, hearts or rocks these items are collected with
passion and appreciation. While the arrowhead necklace is not a natural
arrowhead it'sstill significant. Its art jewelry that honors the arrowhead symbol.

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