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Flowing free with a pretty dress and flowing earrings.

flatlay with long green kurta dress earrings hat

You'll be flowing in comfort and style with this dress and earrings!
This Anouk dress has an ethnic India feel to it. Its long with slits
up the side which makes it flow around. Which mean it comfortable
and will keep you cool. So why not have a pair of earrings that  will
flow side by side with this dress! Long sterling silver sticks attach
to hoops that will swing around your shoulders. Nice and breezy.

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Cute artisan earrings for casual styling

flat lay outfit & silver turquoise earrings

With accents of turquoise blue and green peridaot gemstones
these artisan earrings add some punch to any casual outfit. Dressing up
your blue jeans with heals, hat and scarf? Don't forget to add
in some cute, eye catrching earrings. You can stand out from all that
department store, manufactured jewelry and wear something that
feels authentic with heart and soul. Anything artisan is always extra
special and thats how you should feel too.

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Yes you can wear silver and bronze jewelry together!

model wearing silver circle earrings & bronze bar crystal necklace

Yes Yes Yes you can wear both silver and bronze jewelry together!!!
Mix and match is creative, unique and so interesting. This warm
bronze bar necklace adds some artistic pizazz to this simple
ensemble. It is a simple design with flare. Great for work, 
the grocery store, or date night. And don't forget about those 
light weight clean line modern earrings either. They are so very 
chic. A simple sterling hoop hanging from a silver stick is easy
to wear. Even just wearing these earrings with no other jewelry
adds quite a bit of punch to your outfit!

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