Blog posts of '2019' 'October'

Looking chic with modern sterling hoop pearl earrings

sterling pearl hoop earrings worn on dark haired model

To dress chic is to dress with with a stylish, smart elegance. A touch of chic can be as easy as
one piece of beautiful jewelry with a really plain-jane, simple outfit. 

I say think of the one piece as your statement piece. A big bracelet stack or a striking necklace or really
pretty earrings. These squared freshwater pearls with hammered sterling hoops are just
the right size for a chic earring statement.

Learn more about pearl hoop earrings here

Concert style vibes with black jewelry and a Shins tote bag

Shins bag with silver & black jewelry

   After cleaning out a closet I found my Shins bag! I bought after seeing
   them in concert years ago. Thought I had lost it. Instantly I felt the concert vibes
   and could heat the music so...

   To celebrate my discovery out came my wrap bracelet, some groovin earrings and off I went
   toting my bag around to run errands. Definitley my "something good" for the day.

   If you are a music lover too I hope you are singing out loud to your favorite tunes.

   In the meantime if you need some concert style jewelry feel free to shop 
   this wrap bracelet and earrings here. But I do have wraps in a variety of colors. Shop all bracelets here.



Real flowers that showcase a metal flower bracelet

metal flower bracelet with real flowers

    For the love of flowers - I just can't seem to get enough!

    Fresh, colorful, whimsically formed, scented flowers feel so joyful in a Dr. Seuss kind
    of way. they are a dose of uplifting magic to me. So I designed a metal flower that will never
    wilt for those times when flowers are not in bloom. 

   So if you are crazy for flowers you shop this single flower bracelet or go BIG and shop my
   triple flower bracelet

When your a bracelet stack discovers an interesting art show piece

mixed-beads gemstone stack bracelet worn at art show

When your a jewelry designer your eyes spot all other jewelry like ketchup and french fries.

I swear my stack bracelets fekt a magnetic pull to this exhibit. How fun to create some over the top
free flowing jewelry imagination. None of it intended to be worn but just enjoyed as is.

The stacks I wore hear are not listed on my site. I make and try out a lot jewelry beforehand. 
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Trunk Show set up is never the same

jewelry trunk show set up

If you have never been to an in home trunk show - you need to! Depending on
the time of year and home that I am being hosted in the set is always different and I like that!

Having the opportunity to see the stones, feel the metals, and try it all on just can't be beat.
There is always some show "special"  and lots of never before seen pieces too.

My favorite part is getting to meet my customers in person.
I love to hear feedback and make new friends. But not everyone is able to go so....
you can join my list and be notified when I do private online trunk shows!

Just add your name to the pop-up box:)


Piles of jewelry on a striped top

layers of long boho beaded necklace worn with red striped top

I love how Alice (my friend & customer) piled up several of her jdavis pieces - both old and new!ca
You can't see them all but you get the idea! So if you have been holding back on how much to layer
let yourself have some fun

The only necklace available that Alice is wearing is my 
Turquoise Island Get-Away necklace. Enjoy your jewelry!

Boost your happiness with polka dots and a long circle necklace

polka dot shirt and silver circle necklace

 Polka dots are just to much fun. Withpout a doubt they are whimsical but also very 
 stylish and feminine. Just seeing polk dots make me feel a little uplifted
 and celebratory.

 While polka dots can easily stand alone adding a circle necklace is a subtle way 
 of continuing that theme. The necklace here come on a long black adjustable
 leather cord. And features 2 circles of texture and pattern. 

 Consider polka dots if you don't already have any! And you can shop my necklace here.

Gift her a personalized sterling silver initial bracelet

silver initial bracelet on jdavis jewelry card

This sweet dainty bracelet is a beautiful gift to give. I wear mine all the time and it makes me feel 
feminine and pretty. Good looking box chain surrounds your wrist and connects to a center
disc where the initial of your choice will be stamped.My favorite feature is the sterling
slide bead in back. This beads lets you adjust your size with ease.

Gifting "her" includes mom, girlfriends, co-workers, in-laws or anyone that you
think needs a dose of something pretty!

Learn more about this bracelet here.

Heading out to dinner with a casual black necklace and black outfit

bir round black stone necklace worn with all black clothes

   When you get invited out for dinner at the last minute and aren't exactly sure what to wear...

   Have no fear! Black on black always makes a striking statement. Casual or dressy you
   seriously can't go wrong. Cebette (a jDavis community memeber) sent this to me
   as she was leaving for dinner.

   Cebette is wearing my black leather Whole Lotta Lava necklace. The cord can be adjusted
   to a variety of lengths. Plus you can add a drop or two of your favorite essential oil onto
   the black lava stone. You can take those scents everywhere you go.

   If you need a casual black, easy to wear necklace, shop here


Luxurious Fortnum & Mason truffles with Silver and gold jewelry

silver & gold jewelry with Fortnum & Mason truffles

When you are gifted truffles from Fortnum & Mason, an upscale 18th century department store
in London - you savor every bite and the box it came in!

My friend just flew back from London and surprised chocolate loving me with these goodies.
When I saw how beautiful the box and packaging were I decided I needed to dress for the

So I opted for simple classic bracelets in gold and silver. I think they look just as luxurious 
as the truffle box. 

finger with silver ring holding a truffle

Naturally I had to adorn my finger with a silver wrap ring to hold this delicacy!

I was gifted a variety of truffles and will be slowly working my way throught them.
If you need some pretty jewelry to wear with dinner or dessert you can shop my bracelets here.

The wrap ring is not yet available...but if you want to be the first to know when it is then 
by all means - join my mailing list!