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The power of words in book and word jewelry!

word bracelet on book

Words are everything. Words teach us how to communicate.
And word jewelry like this bracelet is an expression of love. 
it has the italian word for love 'amore' stamped along the edge 
of the heart. If the heart wasn't enough then the stamped word
gets the point across. And if you devour books about how to 
live your best life then this book by Michael Singer won't disappoint.
I would even go as far as saying that its life changing. Seriously.

The Amore bracelet will always be available on my site. I have sold
so many if these that they are here to stay. Words matter and 
love feels good.

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Love jewelry for the holidays


chunky chain white bronze open heart bracelet

I picked up a sprig of this from my friends yard. Doesn't it
scream holiday decoration? I immediatley grabbed my Amore
Heart bracelet for a photoshoot. Whether this sprig is Hollyberry
or Hypericum was to festive to pass up. A great reminder
for spreading love with my heart bracelet is easy. That love will
be seen and felt each and every time its on your wrist! And love
is love is love is love.

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Personalized heart bracelets make it special


3 unique heart bracelets on distressed table

Personalized anything - makes for a much better gift!
Including these bracelets. It feels intentional and well thought
out to see your name in print. Just for YOU! My amore 
heart bracelets can have names added within the chain. So you can choose
a name, place or date. Whatever feels best to you. Or you can leave it
as is with no name if that feels like you too.

Learn more details about my Amore Heart bracelet here

Artisan made Love jewelry


Gifting and wearing love jewelry carries a lot of feel good meaning.
It's the feeling of love. To love and be loved is what it's all about.
My Amore Heart bracelet has been a long time favorite for showing
love. And there are so many kinds of love.
Romantic love, Motherly love, best friend love, and Ive even
customized them with name tags worn in memory of a
passed loved one. There is also self love because thats YOU!!

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For the love of Summer Colors and a of course a chunky heart bracelet

chunky silver heart bracelet on wrist

Do you think of seasons in colors?
Living life in color feels happier.
Fall is rich golden brown. Winter is blended grays and a crisp white. 
Spring feels like April showering soft mint green and aqua blues.
Summer is alive with green grass and bright, bold flower colors.
My chunky Amore heart bracelet is out celebrating Summer and the smell
of fresh mown grass of course!
With longer days, picknicking and going to concerts in the Park 
my heart bracelet is a real cutie with all your
Summer top and dresses. It's like wearing a helping
of love around your wrist. She will match absolutley everything as well!

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That's amore! [in a heart bracelet]

open heart chain bracelet on rock on trunk

That's amore = that's love in Italian! A beautiful word in any language.  I love
that word so much that I had to include it on my heart bracelet. To love and be loved
is what it's all about. My chunky chain heart bracelet is here to keep you reminded of that

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The perfect bracelet for blue jean outfits

heart bracelet with denim outfit
Blue jean oufits fall into that category of casual cool. And hallelujah that denim has become
acceptible attire for so many ocassions these days. Although it has always acceptable to me.
Along with that casual cool vibe is the right kind of  jewelry, like my chunky chain
heart bracelet. I think it screams - wear me with blue jeans!! And a fresh rose, daisy or
flower is pretty casual cool too:)


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Add some love to your day with a chunky heart bracelet
Gifting love with an Italian coin heart bracelet

Heart chain bracelet gift with Italian coin on rock

When a dear Italian friends birthday was coming up my customer orderd the most appropriate gift 
for her! A gift filled with love and meaning. A gift that will remind her everytime she wears just how
loved she is.
My heart bracelet come with the amore already engraved in the heart. Amore is the Italian word for 
love. Top it off with an Italian coin where her family immigrated from and you've covered all the bases.
Timeless, meaningful gifts feel so good to give too. 

This link takes you to my heart bracelet.  Want a coin added too? Shoot me an email here!


Would you choose the mixed metal or all silver chunky heart bracelet?!

chunky heart bracelets in brass or silver

How do you prefer your hearts?! Spread some love to your wrists with these chunky bracelets.
Are you a lover of mixed metals? If so then the brass & silver heart is probably your choice.
Not a fan of that? Then you can certainly choose all silver. They both show well.

Did you know the Italian word for love is amore?! I included this very special word on all my
heart bracelets. Love is Love is love is love!


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