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4 Clever Uses for Silica Packs

Who knew those annoying little packets could be so useful?

 Get ready to start saving them all!



1. Keep Your Jewelry Shiny and Beautiful

Silica gel is a dessicant which means it absorbs and holds water.

These non-toxic gel packs suck up water vapor form the air.

Your jewelry will stay moisture free which will slow down the tarnishing process.

Being a jeweler, I especially love this one!


  • Place packets in your jewelry box or bag
  • Close lid or seal bag
  • How easy is that?!



2. No More Mouldy Pumpkins

Pumpkin carving season is just around the corner! Decorating for fall is my favorite.

You want that spook-tacular artistry to last through the season.

Yucky mould can sneak in quickly. Use this silica trick and enjoy your decorative carvings even longer!


  • Remove top of pumpkin (lid)
  • Push a silica bead into the interior of pumpkin (just enough to stay put)
  • Use 3/4 grams of silica for every 100 cubic inches



3. Avoid Traveling with Wet Swimming Suits 

 Nothing worse than unpacking your suitcase and pulling out a wet, smelly swim suit. Gross!

Let silica gel packs eliminate the odor and wick away moisture.


  • Toss your swim suit in a large zip-top bag.
  • Fill with silica gel packs. The more the better
  • You are all set


4. Repair Your wet cell Phone

 Accidents happen and phones get wet.

Whether you get thrown into a pool or drop it in your bathwater it can be frustrating and costly!

Try this trick next time you find yourself with a wet one.


  • Turn Off Phone Immediately
  • Dry outside with lint free cloth - including any ports, speaker or microphone
  • Place phone in zip-top storage bag along with a handful of silica gel packs
  • Wait 72 hours
  • Power up your phone



Where can I get silica gel packs?


Silica packs come in all kinds of things for FREE – new shoe boxes, purses, totes, pills or vitamins bottles etc.

 Don’t have any lying around but want to stock up?  You can also purchase online and start using right away.