Blog posts of '2020' 'January'

Little circle earrings inspired by the joy drum circles

sterling disc earrings in palm of hand

Who can resist the sounds and beat of a drum circle, right?! Here in California, I am lucky enough
to experience them right on the beach with toes in the sand. Before you know it you'll be
swaying to the rythem.

Don't have any drum circle events near you? Just pop in my mini Drum Circle earrings and turn up
the music! These petite circles are hammered and really catch the light.


Want a pair? Shop earrings here.

An easy long necklace to wear with a scarf

long silver circle black leather necklace with red sweater

Scarves are are so pretty and they an keep your neck extra warm too. Jewelry looks great with a
scarf if its the right size. My long sterling leather necklace is an easy option. Why? Because this baby
is adjustable.

There is a bead in back that you can slide up or down. This allows you to shorten or lengthen depending
on your top, sweateror scarf! Easy peasy!

Shop my Surround Yourself necklace  in silver or copper for more details.

Would you choose the mixed metal or all silver chunky heart bracelet?!

chunky heart bracelets in brass or silver

How do you prefer your hearts?! Spread some love to your wrists with these chunky bracelets.
Are you a lover of mixed metals? If so then the brass & silver heart is probably your choice.
Not a fan of that? Then you can certainly choose all silver. They both show well.

Did you know the Italian word for love is amore?! I included this very special word on all my
heart bracelets. Love is Love is love is love!


Shop the Amore bracelet here

My very first jewelry studio/work space

jewelry designer first studio

Yep thats it! This was back in 2003. It felt soooo good to have an actual "desk" to work from.
And real drawers for storing supplies - was wonderful. You gotta start somewhere!

That pooch under the desk was my helper, Jack.  Meaning he was busy chasing
every single bead that dropped on the floor. But he wasn't so keen about returning them. That photo of
me, not so good. But all I could find!

Since this was photo was taken I have upgraded my workspace many, many times! And I'm sure I will
continue many more. It is fun to look back and see how far you've come.

No matter the space my passion for creating a colorful life through jewelry and art lives on.

Feel free to browse all my jewelry categories to see what I've been up too!

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An autographed Emerson, Lake & Palmer tee shirt with a simple black necklace

black necklace with an emerson lake & palmer tee shirt

       My husbands Emerson Lake & Palmer tee shirt was signed by drummer Carl Palmer -circa 1976.
       It is now too small for him but it fits me just fine. Yay!  Now 44 years later it's still wearable.

       Looking for a concert outfit? Grab an old (or new) concert tee shirt, add a blazer or
       denim jacket and finish it off with my very simple, Little Black necklace. You'll be feeling like a
       cat in no time!

       For more necklace details click here


The cutest ceramic bowl for jewelry or this tassel necklace

orange gemstone tassel necklace and ceramic flower bowl

Little ceramic bowls are so handy for lots of things like nuts and snacks. But can be extra cute for
catching that jewelry when you take it off. Especially for earrings and rings that can get lost easily.
Now this gemstone tassel necklace would fill it up - but that would also be oh so pretty!

The bowl and my necklace are at Mindfulnest in Burbank, CA but they have an online store
that you can order from.

I no longer have this necklace on my site but if you want something like it email me here!

A leather purse that compliments a leather moon necklace

brass moon leather necklace on denim

This camel colored leather is just so warm, earthy and rich. I can't get enough of it. Boots, purse,
belt, purse and jewelry it works. And it's a really nice neutral tone that looks good next to soft pastel
colors just as much as strong bold colors.

Click here for deails on my Magic Moon necklace

Casual style with a leopard print jacket and cool chunky chain necklace

cool leopard skin jacket and chunky silver necklace

 Of course you can add a little edge to casual styles. Express the real you! This leopard print
 looks so smart with this black sweater and white blouse too. Slip on my long chain necklace for
 more detail. Or double up this chain necklace for a shorter statement necklace. the choice is all yours.

 For more details on necklace shop here

Concert style with a black top, jacket, sunglasses and necklace

black outfit and necklace on female

Not sure what to wear to a concert? All black anything will take of that! Don't forget about a black
necklace to complete the look. This big round hunk of lava stone is almost the size
of an orea cookie. It can be worn long or can add a drop of essential
oil onto that stone. Just gently rub in and reapply oil as needed. Now off to that concert:)

Shop my Whole Lotta Lava necklace here

Wearing peach and gray with a big silver circle necklace

gray knit top with peach sweater silver circle necklace

When you can't decide what to wear solid colors can make a striking outfit. Here is a slate
gray knit sweater, with a creamy peach sweater. Stealing the show is the simplest sterling
circle necklace. And... this circle necklace is about keeping your circle flowing with good vibes.
It's for remembering that you get what you give. A simple circle that gets straight to the point!


For details on my Karma necklace shop here