Blog posts of '2020' 'June'

Hashtag wedding gift jewelry

wedding gift jewelry with hashtags

Couples about to be married these days usually come up with a custom hashtag that relates
to them! They can be fun, clever and everyhing in between.  They are used on social media and help
to catalogue when posting any wedding related updates, photos or news.

This couple will receive a custom wedding gift that is peronalized jewelry to mark the special day.
Each piece includes hashtags and their wedding date. Casual style for everyday but will offer
memories for a lifetime.

If you want to gift hashtag jewelry email me and we'll get started.

Celebrating a survivor with a mixed metal quote cuff

survivor cuff bracelet in gift box

When life throws you hardballs and you overcome them, a celebration is in order.
A daughter recognizing her mothers journey and honoring that with a cuff  bracelett as an
everyday reminder to keep moving forward!

This bracelet is stamped with inspiring words that describe her mother. If need a gift for 
somone that you are celebrating email me here

An easy everyday beaded bracelet for him

black leather beaded bracelet on rock

By special request I made a very simple, easy on and off bracelet for a male friend. 
He lives near the beach and goes quite often. So I chose some sand and surf stone colors.
These easy part is how he can put on by sliding over his wrist. To tighten its just a simple pull of
those two end cords. It can be adjusted to just the right fit.

Shoot me an email for your own custom piece.

Be sure to join my list and you'll be the forst to know when new pieces are ready!


Comfortable in Summer polka dots and long cross necklace

wearing polka dot skirt white wrinkled blouse and long necklace

Summer style benefits means warmer weather and less clothes! For easy comfort,
slip on a blouse, tie it at your waiste. and it looks perfectly ok to be wrinkled. Brilliant!
And as for polka dots, they're just always a good idea.

But to really bring it home toss this long statement necklace, with a hint of edge, right over your head 
Along with the cross necklace she is wearing a shorter necklace with hammered sticks of silver and gold.
They are great piece worn together.

For more info shop Livin' On a Prayer Cross necklace and Silver & Gold necklace

Mixed chain graduation necklace for a new Doctor

sterling graduation necklace and quote
Graduating college 2020 is a big milestone to celebrate. And now there is a new Doctor in the world!
I was happy to be asked to create a custom piece that honors her awesome accomplishment.
A beautiful keepsake for Dr. Sunny to enjoy.

The end result is a necklace design that is casual, feminine eclectic and uniquely personal.
A great everyday piece to wear to the office and beyond. 


Sterling graduation necklace on red gift box

If you have a graduate to celebrate shop my Personalize It page or email 
to inquire about own custom jewelry.




Reading Atomic Habits and wearing a coin bracelet

at beach with book and coin bracelets

If you want some really good motivation for changing your habits this book, Atomic Habits
is a must read! Its an easy read and hard to put down. Plus it was on the New York times best
seller list! 
And of course I'm wearing some jewelry. I love the jingly sound of my coin bracelet. It keeps
me company!

Learn more about my bracelet here.

Black Summer top that shows off a heart necklace

black strap top with gold heart necklace

Summer tops are great for showing off jewelry. Especially a black strappy top.
This artisan heart necklace isn't covered up by anything. It takes center stage for the whole world to see!

Do you need a heart necklace for your Summer tops?!

Shop my Big Little Heart necklace to get one


Summer earrings ready for dangling in the sunshine

wearing earrings with long hair in the wind

Summer time is here! I love wearing long earrings during this time because it feels so 
carefree. Decorate your ear lobes with these textured double hoops that go with all your Summer
outfits. They will catch the breeze and you can wear them to work or our for fun!

For more details shop my Chain Reaction Duo Hoops here.

Peeking out on the left is my Wildflower necklace. Want more info about it? Shop necklace here!

Casual comfort and a unisex leather wrap bracelet

wearing a leather wrap bracelet

   Unisex jewelry means that it is a style that can be worn by all. And this leather
   multi wrap bracelet is exactly that. I have been wearing this a lot lately. It packs some punch 
   and makes a big statement on your wrist. Plus the leather is soft and comfortable which 
   feels very good of course!

  Buy one for yourself or the whole family!

  Shop here for more details about my Follow Your Path bracelet

  Side note- that hammered copper ring is coming soon:)

Feeling good with a unique wildflower necklace

wearing metal flower necklace in the park

Appreciating the great outdoors, fresh air and the beauty of mother nature just feels good.
So its feels extra good when you can celebrate your love for all the beautiful things that nature 
provides us with. That was the inspiration for my necklace. It's a flower that never wilts! 

Did you notice those earrings? They are hiding but you can see and learn more about my
Chain Reacrion Duo Hoops here.