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Old coins in jewelry connect us to the past.

old coin gold chain blue gemstone necklace on stones

Did you know that coin jewelry extends into the ancient
pas?! On the necklace shown here, the chain is new but
the coin is very old.  A coin necklace from Egypt made in the 
early third century includes multiple coins and is now on 
display at the MET Museum in New York. 

Wearing coin jewelry for me feels like art history. Each coin 
is beautifully detailed with art that represents its location.
And touched by so many hands. That brings a lot of soul.

I have coins from everywhere. If you are looking for something
specific let me know!

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A necklace that feels refreshing.

old coin gemstone necklace displayed on glass vase

       The color blue evokes calmness. This necklace features
       a delicious blue stone, banded in various shades of blue.
       Almost like ocean waves coming to shore. All those things,
       including this jar with water, feel ever so refreshing! 
       I think we have favorite colors because they make us feel
       things. Like cheery or calm or pretty. If this blue is your color
       and calling you, youo might want to answer!

       Browse my Touchstone Token necklaces for more details (and colors)

A chunky gold coin necklace that matches everything

coin cluster necklace on wood with scarf

If being practical suits you and you love old coins then my Coin Cluster
necklace will get the job done. Sold metal in gold or silver will always be
practical. These won't clash with any outfit. Not to busy and
not to colorful. Plus if you are traveling then that makes it easy to pack.

Browse my Coin Cluster necklace here for more details

A meaningful & unique birthday necklace

Birthstone coin necklace on wood

The seqarch for a meaningful birthday gift or necklace
can sometimes be a challenge? You want it to be special and something
brand new. Something you feel certain she doesn't already own..
I've hear you! Let me tell about this "gem" and give you something
to think about the next you are on the hunt for just the right gift.

The necklace shown here is for a 6o)th birthday.  There are exactly six
freshwwater pearls to honor each decade.This gal has roots
in Poland so i inclued an old artys looking 1984 Polish Coin.
And with February birthday that means purple amethyst is
her birthstone. You can see thos within this sweet necklace design.

I have old coind galore and absolutley love using them in 
my jewelry designs. I'd love to make one for you.
Shoot me an email to let me know what coin you might like to see!


Click here for more details about this necklace

Color inspiration for a vintage coin necklace


purple pearl coin necklace with orange top

Orange and purple colors are dynamic together! They feel positive,
happy and uplifting. This image is proof that this stunning purple
pearl coin necklace looks smashing with bright orange. However you
could easily wear any shade of orange. Think of a lot soft pretty salmon color.
Either way you can't go wrong.This exact necklace can be purchased
though one of my retailers Clay and Cotton. But I have plenty to choose
from in my online coin collection. In the meantime don't shy away
from these bold beautiful colors!

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Making history with an old coin necklace

teal shirt with green pearl Ireland coin necklace
Noreen has dual citizenship in both Ireland and the USA. 
She met the love of her life in 1971. When I shared with her
that I happen to have an 1971 Ireland coin  - a necklace was
requested! With a love of pearls and all things green I knew just
how I would design her necklace. Complete with freshwater pearls
and a dazzling Swarovski crystal this necklace represents Noreens 
history. She says it is her new go-to favorite piece of sentimental
jewelry. I have so very many coins from all around the world. 
You can browse my Coin Collection to see if there is a piece that
speaks to you. Or you can request a custom piece and have it
made exactly as you wish.

Browes my Coin Collection her

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for a custom piece of jewelry

Feeling well traveled with a coin cluster necklace!

outside wearing a coin cluster necklace

After being homebound for what felt like a very long time, I slipped 
on my coin cluster necklace. Its like a trip around the world. Kinda sorta!
These old coins are fabulous. You are wearing art history! My cluster
necklace is all in gold. Being one metal color makes
this very easy to wear with busy patterns like my top
and sweater. My ears didn't want to be left out of the party
so I popped in my Circle Dance earrings play very well with this necklace.
So feel free to copy this look!

Browse my Coin Cluster necklace here

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Blue jeans with a pearl necklace

pearl necklace with blue jeans
If you haven't already noticed pearl necklaces are currently making a
big fashion statement. I have always loved pearls worn in a 
very casual or eclectic style. But Im happy to see thay they are
trending because I think everyone should have pearls - that
suit your jewelry personality!

This pearl necklace features an old very cool coin from Finland.
I love the look of old coins, pearl and blue jeans. Timeless I say!!

For more details on the necklace click here

Or browse my Wanderlust Coin Collection to see more
pearls and coins!

Peach on peach with an old coin necklace

peach pearl Coin necklace on peach sweater
Peach on peach is so warm, fresh and pretty. My coin necklace
has a mix of lighter and darker peach pearls. So you get a good dose of this
fabulous color. And with the coin on this necklace being from
India these colors make me think of that wonderful saffron spice.
The plant that saffron comes from grows in India. You can get you saffron fix
and dream about India just with this necklace!

Browse my India Coin necklace here

Celebrating a wedding location with an Iceland coin necklace


Iceland coin necklace and church

How adorable is this little chapel in Iceland? It looks straight out of a story book!
This couple really did the wedding of their dreams AND it
was just the two of them! 

They traveled to Iceland and took all their wedding
fineries. The townfolk ended up being their guide and photographers
for their special day. Being greeted and celebrated by the locals while strolling
in that beautiful gown. What a wedding to remember!

My client wanted to gift her grandaughter (as seen here!) with a special gift.
When we chatted and she learned that I had some Iceland coins without a
doubt she said thats it!! Make her a Icleand coin necklace

Knowing where my jewelry is going and learning about special 
ocassions always feels good. Its always an honor to be apart of
making someone feel cherished.

I have loads of old coins from all around the globe.
Feel free to browse my Wanderlust coin Collection for ready to wear

Or send me an email to have your own custom design.