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Old coins in jewelry connect us to the past.

old coin gold chain blue gemstone necklace on stones

Did you know that coin jewelry extends into the ancient
pas?! On the necklace shown here, the chain is new but
the coin is very old.  A coin necklace from Egypt made in the 
early third century includes multiple coins and is now on 
display at the MET Museum in New York. 

Wearing coin jewelry for me feels like art history. Each coin 
is beautifully detailed with art that represents its location.
And touched by so many hands. That brings a lot of soul.

I have coins from everywhere. If you are looking for something
specific let me know!

Browse my Vintage Coin necklace here for more details

Johnny Was dress with a pretty coin necklace

coin necklace on mannequin with Johnny Was dress

California designer Johnny Was is one of my favorites. Johnny Was
features colorful clothing filled with embroidery, flowers and fun prints.
Every design has a really cool bohemian spirit. This dress can be found
at Clay and Cotton alongside my pretty pearl coin necklace. 
I designed several coin necklaces specifically to compliment
Johnny Was clothing and California lifestyle.

For more information these specific pieces contact Clay and Cotton 

Feel free to browse my Wanderlust Coin collection here