Blog posts of '2020' 'August'

Browsing books with a Mistura watch and bracelet stack

Mistura watch & bracelet on arm touching books

Watches have become part of bracelet stacks. They can blend right in and become part of that
fun statement on you wrist. Earthy and rugged watches or dainty and delicate they all
compliment each other. My new Mistura watch wanted to be in a stack at once!

Why not keep an eye on the time while you are browsing books and wearinging
some jewelry with benefits. Yep you heard that right -jewelry with benefits. The copper cuff has
antimicrobial benefits. Touch it often as it works like hand sanitizer.

Included in this stack is an essential oil diffuser bracelet. These bracelets are wonderful because you can add drops of your favorite or most useful oil. There are oils from everything from headaches to mosquito bites. Just a drop or two of oil is added to the brown wooden beads on this on bracelet. The scent can be reapplied as needed. This lets you take your oils everywhere you go!

Shop my copper cuff here

Shop my essential oil diffuser bracelet here

Shop my hammered wrap ring here

Pretty plant leaves and a pretty gold necklace

wearing plant leaves & a gold necklace

Gardens are great for a quiet moment, to smell sweet fragrances, or to enjoy bold color. But don't forget
about playtime! When this loose stalk fell to the ground it was just to cute to throw away.
I discovered it could be a new hat, wig, or shade umbrella. Also nice for fanning yourself if necessary;)

You also get a sneak peek of a new gold necklace I am designing. This piece is gold with just 1 crystal
that loosely slides across its bar. It delicate, feminine and a little bit modern. This may or may not be
the final design! If you want to know when it lands be sure to join my list. You will be the first to know
about new jewelry and intro pricing.

Just click on the link at top of page that says
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Look good do good with a mask and pretty pearl earrings

wearing a mask and pretty silver earrings

My customer Kristen is looking mighty good as she masks up at work and shows off my 
Pearl Hoop earrings! Kristen works for the Blue Grass Community Fondation in Lexington, KY.
They are experts in local philanthropy and understand the current needs of the communities they serve. 
They promote "Do the most good where you can".  And yes you can still wear jewelry with a mask!

Learn more details about my White Pearl Hoop earring here

A silver chunky chain necklace that works in every season

heavy silver chain necklace on white distressed wood

                       This necklace is the most versatile, practical, built to last piece that you
                       should have! Why? So many reasons. Let's begin.

                        It is long and can be easily tossed over your head. The clasp can be
                        hooked in just about anywhere along the chain which means you can
                        wear this a number of ways including doubled. The chain is hearty and
                        won't break if it get tugged on.

                        Being all silver makes this very practical in matching so many of your
                        clothes no matter what season it is.

                        This piece can be styled with business suits or out for coffee in jeans and a tee.

                        For more info about my Chain Reaction necklace click here.

1971 5 Ore Sweden Coin Necklace with complimentary earrings


1971 Swedish gemstone coin necklace

How bout this 1971 5 ore coin from Sweden? This necklace was made for a Swedish gal
who also really likes earthy neutral colors. Coin jewelry is so cool. Touching these beautiful old coins
gives you a sense of wanderlust. They are pieces of art history! 


neutral gemstone Swedish coin necklace set

Here is the full set which includes a necklace and fun artsy complimentary earrings. You deserve
good things! I have lots of coins from all over the world. I am happy to make you custom coin necklace
or you can shop my Coin Collection here to see all the pieces.

Join my email list and I will let you know when new pieces land:)

An everyday riveted cross necklace for men

casual mixed metal riveted cross necklace

Does your man prefer a simple style? When going out for an evening would he consider wearing a
casual bracelet or understated necklace? 
If the answer is yes then my riveted cross necklace could be just right. This necklace can be worn 
everyday over or under your shirt. Or with no shirt! Lol.

For necklace details click Cross Necklace

Click here to visit my Men's Collection to see all the pieces

An old world cross and coin necklace

coin cluster necklace on old ross

Old world style has so much charm and character and detail. this cross is full of carved designs.
Just like the coins in my Coin Cluster necklace shown here. These coins cme from all over the world
and some are very old. Each coin has artwork that represents where it is from.
Those coins are full of character and a little art history too!

Click here to see this necklace

Click here to see my Coin Jewelry Collection

Friday fashion + jewelry

boho outfit with blue green stone on copper ring

Friday has always felt like a celebration day to me. So why not dress like it?! This cute outfit from
Gum Tree and fun ring express that well. I love the color blue and this boho style top looks so loose
and comfortable. A white hat to keep you cool and big leather bag to hold all your essentials.

Gum Tree is located here in LA but you can also shop them online. My copper cuff ring adds to the
Friday style with a dangle of colorful gemstones stones that are ready to play! I see this as a 
"Good Mood" outfit!


For info on my ring click here

Showing off the hammer textured shine from copper jewelry

wearing a copper cuff stack & wrap ring

Hammer texturing is one of my favorites. You can see it alluring texture on my cuffs & rings shown here.
All those grooves and indentaions from the hammer strikes really catch the light. 
Plus hammered jewelry shows its authenticity and craftsmanship. That always makes a product
more special and valuable to me. 

Get details on my hammered copper cuff set here or wrap ring here.

A gold & black custom birthday necklace

wearing a gold chain black crystal necklace

This is my niece whose current passion is black and gold jewelry. Nice! So when her birthday
rolled around I let her be apart of the design process.

The easy part for her was choosing the gold chain and black crystal. The hard part was figuring out
a center stone. After trying out lots of stone colors, sizes and shapes we decided on rutilated quartz.


gold & black necklace on big green leaf

This stone features beautiful inclusions of rutile. These inclusions mostly look golden, but they also
can look silver, copper red or deep black. I love how her necklace turned out!