Blog posts of '2020' 'September'

Pretty pearl earrings will always be classic

wearing unique pearl earrings

Pearls are always appropriate because they are lustrous, beautiful and natural. If ever in doubt about
what earrings to wear - choose your pearls they won't steer you wrong. Today pearl earrings 
can be designed with a modern style, rustic style, simple style or a cool eclectic style. Something for

Pearls are also versatile these days. Wear them with business suit, tee shirts and jeans or for dressing
fancy. I made these white coin pearls in an organic shaped gold wire frame. 

My earrings shown here are not yet listed but will be soon. Want to know when they will be? Join my list
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In the meantime, you can check out my sterling hoop white pearl earrings here.



Finding peace & love in the garden with a heart necklace

riveted copper heart necklace in the garden

Gardens are peaceful and hearts are for love. So being in this plant filled space with a heart necklace
should bring lots of peace and love. When life gets crazy and you need to taking a moment go outside.
If you can surround yourself with living plants, trees or flowers do it. Breathe it in. Calm down that
nervous system and make room for some love. My strong love necklace is bold and won't let you forget!


Go-to organic silver statement earrings for day or night

organic shape silver earrings with outfit

Having a pair of silver statement earrings should be a must have in everyone's jewelry box. They afford
you a quick way to level up your outfit without a lot of fuss. Wearing a tee shirt and jeans but
got a last minute invitation to meet girlfriends for coffee? Slip on these earrings and forget about
a necklace or bracelet. They take care of all the details. Traveling but don't want to take an excessive
amount of jewelry? A basic pair of statement earrings takes care of that too. Wear with your little
black dress and your outift is complete!

These were designed for a customer but I will happily make more.

Behind the scenes with riveted metal heart jewelry

riveted heart necklaces in process

Sometimes my work space requires the fresh air outside. During this stage where my hearts are made
I used a sealant that needed to dry - on both sides. And how bout that "jewerly clothsline" of mine?!
I love it and my husband made it for me, being the clever guy that he is. Hanging on the line now are
actually several of my heart necklaces. Big and riveted, small and dainty and open hearts too.

To see these necklaces complete click on
Fierce Love necklace , Big Little Heart Necklace, Strong Love Necklace. and Queen of Hearts Necklace

Copper jewelry blends well with Fall Fashion

three hammered copper cuffs on white wood

Copper metal with its brownish orange earth tones blends right in with all things Fall.  This set of three
cuff bracelets are warm and rich. Copper looks great with olive greens, mustard yellow sweaters,
chocolate brown jackets, anything black and always blue jeans and denim.
Copper jewerly feels like Mother Earth. 

Yes copper can react to humidity and in some people cause some greening on the skin. It washes right off
and is just part of the element of copper. also happens when females are on their period!

For more details about my bracelet stack click here.

Wearing and enjoying the benefits of this men's aromatherapy bracelet set

wearing his earthy gemstone aromatherapy bracelets

There are so many handsome stones and materials for creating men's jewerly. So when my friend Keith
was thinking about a blue, brown and black stone,bracelet. I wanted to make him something earthy.
Making his pieces were fun so what started out as one bracelet turned into a set of two. 


gemstone aromatherapy bracelets and oil

Plus the bracelet stone bracelet is also an aromatherapy bracelet. There are so many wonderful
essential oils with soothing benefits . Everything from headache soothing peppermint to calming lavender.
If you want to add oil just add a drop or two the porous round black lava rock beads. Gently rub the oil in.

Depending how much oil you use the scent will last a few hours or days!  

Gift your female weight lifter a personalized charm necklace

girl wearing necklace holding barbelle
My niece Amelie was turning eleven. I wasn't sure what kind of jewelry gift  to make for my little
tuff stuff weight lifter. I am so proud of her skills and dedication. In my family everyone gets a jewelry
gift from me, of course.  After giving it some thought I knew what I wanted to make for her.
necklace that felt like a medal. A necklace that would make her feel loved and acknowledged.


weight lifter charm necklace on a weight

Amelie's necklace is filled with personalized charms and a birthstone crystal. I'm already thinking
about more charms to add for the future. Whether you have a weight lifter or someone that you
can't find a gift for - a personalized anything is a good idea. 

back & white photo of girl weight lifter wearing necklace

I customized this necklace for my niece but you can shop my "Use Your Words" necklace and create 
your own words or message. The options are endless.

For the love of denim and heart hoop earrings

silver heart earrings with denim

Without a doubt two of my favorite things are denim and hearts. So heart hoop earrings were born.

Thinking back on that very first pair of jeans. Levi jeans. This was in the late 60's. I was with my
older sister . She was my idol. But those jeans! The were stiff as cardboard, deep and dark. Not like
my sisters that were soft and well worn. But patiently I waited, wored, washed and repeated...

I still love blue jeans and denim. And hearts are hard not to love. They are everything. No matter 
what material, style or design I will always love hearts. So the second I made these earrings
I thought how cute with denim;)

For more details on my Hearts Hoops click here

Big earrings with a scarf and ponytail

wearing pony tail scarf & big disc earrings

A scarf is an easy way to add a little something extra to an everyday casual pony. It only takes
a second to tye on and you get a lot of bang! Having your hair pulled back screams for a fun pair of
statement earrings as well. Wear this with a tee shirt and jeans on the weekend. Or wear it to work 
with a tailored suit for a more polished style. My big round disc earrings with a polk-a-dot scarf play nice.

So if you have a lot of scarves in your closet think about adding them to your hair!

Shop my big round earring here

At the beach dripping with a pink coral bracelet

pink gemstone bracelet on arm at beach

Since coral grows on reefs in the water, I took my bracelet for a walk by her original home - the Pacific
Ocean. It was long overdue. Our air pollution has been extremely unsafe with so many California wildfires. the winds changed direction. The air was felt and clean. A welcome if even brief reprieve.
With sunglasses and water, my flowered mask, and my Pinkberry bracelet it was time for a walk. (I should
mention that I have pink watershoes so grabbing my pink bracelet was no accident).

The Pinkberry is both a wrap bracelet and a necklace. It's like two for one, right?!