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Be your best self with a prayer box and a karma necklace

silver  open circle necklace with a prayer box

When life feels unmanagable use a prayer box and slip on my Karma necklace.
Prayer boxes are like little mailboxes for your prayers. The idea is to write your prayer on a small slip
of paper and place it in the box. Once delivered in said box - release yourself from worry. And small
cute keepsake box (with lid) will do. 

My Karma necklace features a big open circle that represents the cycle of cause and effect. Keep that
circle flowing with . So its a good reminder to check yourself!  Simplistic design that is easy
to wear.

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Live, Give and wear your karma with a big circle necklace

silver circle necklace hanging in the garden

I'm in full agreement that we should all be living, giving and wearing our karma. My Karma necklace
can be your daily reminder to think about how we treat others and what our role is in the world




wearing big silver open circle necklace outside

The following quote says it all. “In the end, just three things matters: How well we have lived,
How well we have loved, How well we have learned to let go”. 

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A silver circle necklace for airy Summer fashion

pink summer top with silver circle necklace

Stay cool this Summer with light airy clothes and jewelry. My silver circle necklace is so light
that you barely know you're wearing. This big hammered circle is simple easy statement
necklace that will go just about everything in your closet!

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Keeping it simple with a BIG silver circle necklace

female wearing a silver circle necklace

Express yourself with a big organic circle necklace. It offers simple style with an artistic
touch. It really pops against the gray sweater but eaily matches everything from bold
colors to pastel. You'll be reaching for this one on repeat!

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Wearing peach and gray with a big silver circle necklace

gray knit top with peach sweater silver circle necklace

When you can't decide what to wear solid colors can make a striking outfit. Here is a slate
gray knit sweater, with a creamy peach sweater. Stealing the show is the simplest sterling
circle necklace. And... this circle necklace is about keeping your circle flowing with good vibes.
It's for remembering that you get what you give. A simple circle that gets straight to the point!


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Leaning in to a good life with a karma necklace

big silver circle necklace worn with white top

Karma baby! Lean into it. . It's the cycle of cause and effect. You get what you give.
This big sterling circle necklace sure won't let you forget. May your own circle be flowing
with a lotta love and joy.

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Be kind to every kind with a karma necklace

tee shirt being worn with circle necklace

Spread that positive energy around with a "Be kind to every kind" tee shirt and of course wearing a
Karma necklace will increase the odds!

This cute as can be Tee is from Clay and Cotton

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In need of a karma necklace now! Asking for a friend..

woman with friend wearing silver circle necklace

Here's the scoop. Marcel says that she love, love, loves this necklace and wears it almost daily!

Because of that she has lots of friends and clients asking where to buy. Due the popularity of this piece, 
I can assure you it won't be going away anytime soon.

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A circle necklace that represents karma

silver circle necklace on a rusted cowbell

This sterling silver circle represents the cycle of cause and effect - getting what you give.
And that is exactly what karma is!

Wear this sleek, simple reminder to keep things flowing in the right direction.

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