Blog posts of '2023' 'June'

When your favorites are tulips and heart bracelets

women wearing silver heart bracelet in red sweater and tulips
Leslie loves hearts, bracelets and tulips. She has all three here!
Actually she is a heart fanatic, first and foremost. My heart 
bracelet has the word 'amore' stamped along the edge of the heart.
Which is the beautiful word for love in the french language.
Just in case the heart doesn't get the point across, amore is there
for back up! Leslie syas this bracelet is part of her everyday stack.

Browse the Amore Bracelet in Sterling Silver for more info

Stepping out with hippity, hoppity hoop earrings!

female outside side view of hoop earrings
OK, even if you don't want to hippity, hoppity, you can still
feel pretty darn good in a pair of playful hoop earrings.

These hoops are really 2 hoops. Big and little. I think they are
friends! But that just goofy me. Stering silver and super light, 
just in case you DO want to go hippity hop, down the street. LOL.

Browse the Hoop de Hoop Earrings here for more details

Getting all the flower feels with a necklace

female wearing metal flower leather chain necklace
              Mari's family treated her to this flower necklace .
              Mari says she gets loads of compliments everytime
              she wears which is music to my ears!
              If you are flower fanatic or a gardner this
              necklace might becalling your name. Or the next gift to buy!
              the flowers will never wilt. Just an ocassional polish will do.

              Browse the Wildflower Necklace here for more info

Sterling cuffs with handcrafted character

handcrafted artisan silver cuff stack

Handcrafted jewelry and cuff bracelets offer more soul. More
character. Its all been touched by human hands instead of a machine.
Each hammer strike, metal cuts, forming, sanding and polished are done
with care and attention. Handcrafted piece are infused with part
of your soul. Meant to bring you good feelings. To feel grounded in 
beingyour best self. The most natural and comfortable you. Thats exactly
How I want my handmade jewelry and cuffs to make you feel!

Browse this stack of cuffs here for more info