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When your favorites are tulips and heart bracelets

women wearing silver heart bracelet in red sweater and tulips
Leslie loves hearts, bracelets and tulips. She has all three here!
Actually she is a heart fanatic, first and foremost. My heart 
bracelet has the word 'amore' stamped along the edge of the heart.
Which is the beautiful word for love in the french language.
Just in case the heart doesn't get the point across, amore is there
for back up! Leslie syas this bracelet is part of her everyday stack.

Browse the Amore Bracelet in Sterling Silver for more info

A timeless and true heart bracelet

sterling silver heart bracelet on wood

My Amore heart bracelet has been a best seller since the day I listed
it. That makes this piece timeless and true in my book. Hearts are loved
by all and they express a lot of emotion for all the people 
and things that we love. I am now offering this in sterling silver 
because you asked for it! But its still just as pretty in my bronze
and stainless steel metals. If you need a timelss and true gift then 
this heart bracelet is just the thing!!

Browes my Amore Heart bracelet in sterling silver here


Browse my Amore Heart bracelet in bronze and stainless steel here