Blog posts of '2024' 'April'

Here is your gold jewelry for Summer!

handcrafted gold circle necklace and gold hoop earrings

Scoop up this handcrafted gold open circle necklace and coordinated earrings
for all your Summer outfits.  These pieces will feel light and airy during the heat.
Handcrafted and hammered for extra shine, they will go with anything, really!
Picture a Summer dress, tank top and shorts. Summer wedding to se? Yup,
these pieces dress up nicely. Simple and sophisticated. 

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Cute earrings that show Up!

gold earrings on woman with blonde wavy hair

When you have a great pair of earrings, you want to show them off, right?!
Show how they look with your outfit or your hair style or just to feel pretty.
Cynthia has wavy curly hair and these earrings still manage to pop! 
And the best part is these earrings are so lightweight you might forget
that you wearing them!

For more details browse my Hoop de Hoop earrings in gold

Gift a bookmark to all your favorite bookworms!

brass hammered bookmark with red bead and names

Sometimes gift giving takes some extra thought. But if you are in a bookclub, or have some
book worms in your life (maybe you?!) then think about the gift of a bookmark!
These are hammered for texture and strength. Fun colorful beads await. And you also 
have the option to personalize this. A name, place or date.  Or do something outrageous!
Just a thought for you to consider!

This bookmark was made to order. And yours can be too.
or browse my bookmark collection here