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Down to earth jewelry for the real you.

turquoise necklace coral earrings flat lay with hat

Casual style, down to earth jewelry for your real everyday life. Slip on my Turquoise necklace and coral earrings. Whether running to the grocery store, visiting your weekend Farmers Market, out to brunch with girlfriends
or just running any old errands, you can wear jewelry to keep you comapny through out all of it.
You'll feel better when you take care of you and feel good about YOU!!

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Flowing free with a pretty dress and flowing earrings.

flatlay with long green kurta dress earrings hat

You'll be flowing in comfort and style with this dress and earrings!
This Anouk dress has an ethnic India feel to it. Its long with slits
up the side which makes it flow around. Which mean it comfortable
and will keep you cool. So why not have a pair of earrings that  will
flow side by side with this dress! Long sterling silver sticks attach
to hoops that will swing around your shoulders. Nice and breezy.

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Lovely peacock pearls with a green boho dress.



Pearl necklaces can be fun, not just formal. And speaking of
fun, enjoy your pearl necklaces with a bohemian dress or top. Again, 
please don't save them for oh so special ocassions. Live life now, I say!
Find your happy and dress the same way.

For more details browse the Peacock Pearl Necklace #2 here

Easy, everyday silver jewelry

earrings in hand bracelet on arm
These silver earrings and this bracelet have been really good
companions! They are so easy to wear. They match everything. 
The bracelet can easily be layered. As you can see (if you look closely)
I'm also wearing 2 cuffs with that bracelet. So feel free to layer it
up with all of your favorites. I consider this grab-n-go jewelry.
in a hurry grab these pieces and I guess some clothes, and head on
out the door!

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Puppy love and earrings

wearing big silver disc earrings with puppy
I love doggies and all the unconditional love they give. I also
love to make and wear earrings. Not once have my earrings ever been 
problematic with our doggos. Sometimes there might be a sniff
of curiosity but never a pull or tug. Thats a someting good in my book!

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A necklace that feels refreshing.

old coin gemstone necklace displayed on glass vase

       The color blue evokes calmness. This necklace features
       a delicious blue stone, banded in various shades of blue.
       Almost like ocean waves coming to shore. All those things,
       including this jar with water, feel ever so refreshing! 
       I think we have favorite colors because they make us feel
       things. Like cheery or calm or pretty. If this blue is your color
       and calling you, youo might want to answer!

       Browse my Touchstone Token necklaces for more details (and colors)

Treat yourself to a custom necklace like Alice did

silver turquoise necklace on model
We should all be like Alice and treat yourself once in awhile.
Alice is sporting her new custom necklace that I absolutley
loveddesigning and making for her. I know her style
so well that at this point she now just lets me create freely.
I have matched and made custom jewelry for new outfits, 
weddings, girls trips, anniversarys, memorials and new babies.

But Im here to remind that sometimes it just feels good to 
treat yourself to something fun, pretty or special. YOU 
truly do deserve it.

You can see more of Alices necklace here!

Complete your outfit with a happy necklace

colorful gemstone necklace array on white table
If colors, design and pretty things bring you joy then
you need to have  colorful jewelry to wear! it will boost
your happiness. Whether its a coin necklace, a chunky 
turquoise necklace, a cheerful gemstone bracelet, a bright
red necklace you deserve to have something beautiful and
uplifting. Its time to treat yourself! Go on now!

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Jewelry that plays well with your blue jeans


iridescent stone copper chain necklace & blue jeans

 These days blue jean styles are a plenty. Keeping it fresh
for all of us casual fashion blue jean lovers.  My copper
necklace and earrings have those warm tones that
compliment the golden thread in denim stiching. And the 
iridescent stones are a breath of feminity blended with rugged
blue jeans and denim style.


denim and  copper hoop chain earrings

Slip on a pair of swingy long cool hoop earrings to tell your
blue jeans that its a feeling cute day. Or maybe even a tad sexy?!

Jewelry shown here was from a custom order. But if you want this
or something similiar send me an email.


Love jewelry for the holidays


chunky chain white bronze open heart bracelet

I picked up a sprig of this from my friends yard. Doesn't it
scream holiday decoration? I immediatley grabbed my Amore
Heart bracelet for a photoshoot. Whether this sprig is Hollyberry
or Hypericum was to festive to pass up. A great reminder
for spreading love with my heart bracelet is easy. That love will
be seen and felt each and every time its on your wrist! And love
is love is love is love.

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