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Easy, everyday silver jewelry

earrings in hand bracelet on arm
These silver earrings and this bracelet have been really good
companions! They are so easy to wear. They match everything. 
The bracelet can easily be layered. As you can see (if you look closely)
I'm also wearing 2 cuffs with that bracelet. So feel free to layer it
up with all of your favorites. I consider this grab-n-go jewelry.
in a hurry grab these pieces and I guess some clothes, and head on
out the door!

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Two bracelets that pack some punch

silver chain& multi gemstone bracelet stack
 How can you NOT pack some punch with the very colorful 
gemstone bracelet paired with a silver multi chain bracelet?!
These might come in handy when you need a boost of confidence
around your wrist as a reminder. Say you are going to meet up with 
a group of new people and are feeling anxious. 
The bracelets not only have meaningful gemstones but they
will get noticed and may get the conversation started! 
Jewelry can easily be armor for your mind, body and spirit.

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A cool bracelet stack for all your black & white outfits

silver bracelet stack on arm 

In keeping with a black and white theme this silver bracelet stack 
includes a spash of black making it - just right! While it looks
like a pile of bracelets it's really just two bracelets. The Joan bracelet
has 6 rows of smooth beadball chain. But riding shot gun,
is the Ella bracelet. She has a big black gemstone that pulls it
all together. Black and silver -almost- feel like black and white 
when it comes to jewelry. 
If you have a dressy or casual black and white outfit,
this bracelet stack is happy to go either way!

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Absolutely yes to silver jewelry worn with gray

2 silver bracelets worn with gray outfit

Gray clothes and silver jewelry are gorgeous together! Both the color
gray and silver metal are in the cool tone category. They match so to speak. 
Shown here is my large link paperclip chain Hedy bracelet. Accompanied by the
tiny layered beadball chain Joan bracelet. In this case opposits attract! 
When you want to stay cool choose cool tones!

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