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Two bracelets that pack some punch

silver chain& multi gemstone bracelet stack
 How can you NOT pack some punch with the very colorful 
gemstone bracelet paired with a silver multi chain bracelet?!
These might come in handy when you need a boost of confidence
around your wrist as a reminder. Say you are going to meet up with 
a group of new people and are feeling anxious. 
The bracelets not only have meaningful gemstones but they
will get noticed and may get the conversation started! 
Jewelry can easily be armor for your mind, body and spirit.

Browse the Joan Bracelet here

Browse the Color Me Happy Bracelet here

You've got the green light on this jewlery!

green gemstone necklace & colorful bracelet on rock
Oh yes you do! For starters this necklace is actually called
Green Light necklace and green means  - go. And while your
going, the Color Me Happy bracelet wants a ride as well. With complimentary colors
and a fun pattern they just go hand in hand. So cute together.
Happy jewlery with happy colors = a green light baby!

Browse the Green Light necklace here for more details

Browse the Color Me Happy Bracelet here for more details

A bracelet that feels like the Southwest

multi gemstone southwestern bracelet on white
This bracelet most definitely feels like the Southwest. Anything 
in this style is a combination of  dazzling Native American,
Mexican and Spanish artistry. Handcrafted. And like the 
Color Me Happy bracelet the vibrant hues of this region are
bold and eyecatching. Earthy and cool. If you can't get to
the Southwest this bracelet will take you there. Put on your
jeans and boots and say no more!

Browse the Color Me Happy Bracelet here for more details


Feeling alive with colorful bracelets



wearing colorful gemstone bracelets

I just got over being sick. The world felt gray. I was even
sick of wearing pajamas! called for some super bright,
colorful clothes, lipstick and bracelets to make me feel all kinds
of alive! Dressing like that really does change you rmood. 
I know it does for me. Give it a try and see if you notice a 
difference. And for the record the name of this bracelet is
called Color Me Happy - so there. Ha!

Browse my Color Me Happy Bracelet here