Blog posts of '2021' 'January'

A little piece of my heart with little heart earrings

dotted heart stick earrings on ear
Truth be told there is a little piece of my heart in every piece of jewelry I make, not
just my little heart earrings! I design things with a joy inside of me as it unfolds. Starting with
sawing, filing, sanding, hammering, wire wrapping and polishing. I want you to feel good
knowing that you are wearing a handcrafted artisan piece of jewelry. You deserve it.

My little dotted heart earrings are lightweight and swing in the breeze. They are little
drops of love to decorate your earlobes!

Browse my Dotted Heart earrings here.

Love you to the moon with pearl earrings

pearl earrings with flowered dish

Expressions of love and fun with my pearl earrings and this whimsical flowered dish from
Natual Life. This little dish is perfect for taking your jewelry off at the end of day. Earrings,
rings or a little chain necklace would fit perfectly.  But I do think my pearl earrings which look
like little green moons were meant for this dish in particular!


Browse my Green Pearl Hoop Earings here

That's amore! [in a heart bracelet]

open heart chain bracelet on rock on trunk

That's amore = that's love in Italian! A beautiful word in any language.  I love
that word so much that I had to include it on my heart bracelet. To love and be loved
is what it's all about. My chunky chain heart bracelet is here to keep you reminded of that

Browse my Amore bracelet here.

The perfect bracelet for blue jean outfits

heart bracelet with denim outfit
Blue jean oufits fall into that category of casual cool. And hallelujah that denim has become
acceptible attire for so many ocassions these days. Although it has always acceptable to me.
Along with that casual cool vibe is the right kind of  jewelry, like my chunky chain
heart bracelet. I think it screams - wear me with blue jeans!! And a fresh rose, daisy or
flower is pretty casual cool too:)


Browse my Amore Heart Bracelet here.

Red color inspiration for a purple pearl necklace

purple pearl heart necklace with red pillow
As you can see purple and red are vibrant together! These colors are especially uplifting
during cold Winter months. If you have a February birthday treat yourself to my Purple Pearl
Heart Necklace and grab yourself a red sweater, blouse or dress. You'll feel like the life of
your own party all day long. 

I currently have two different purple pearl heart necklces.
Feel free to browse my
Purple Peart Heart Necklace #1 or

Purple pearl Heart Necklace #2

Pretty flowers and a heart bracelet

heart bracelet on red pillow with flowers
Flowers and heart jewelry sound like Valentines Day. One day of celebrating love
just isn't enough these days.I have decided that we need an entire month of celebrating.
Pretty flowers will be welcome any day of the week. Just as my Power of Love heart bracelet
would be a welcome gift for your wrist anytime, any day any month! Show your love
as much as possible with kindness, compassion and flowers and jewelry are nice too!

Browse my Power of Love Heart bracelet here

Breathe in essential oil with an aromatherapy bracelet

gemstone aromatherapy bracelet plant and oil
Did you know that you can enjoy those soothing essential oils all day long, 
even if you are not at home? Yes you can! The oil or oils are easy to use. Just add a
drop or two of your favorite oil onto a porous bead. Here is my Purple heart bracelet. The
brown beads are wood and therefore porous. They will easily absorb the oil after you
gently rub in. The scent will a few hours or days depending how much you use. Just
reapply as needed. And if you need a braclet feel free to browse my jewelry.

Browse my Purple Heart bracelet here.
Browse other essential oil jewelry here.

A ceramic dish + colorful necklace = a darling gift

colorful gemstone necklace with a Ruchi's ceramic dish
Gifting my colorful Sunset necklace is like sending someone a forever enjoyable sunset!
Wouln't you enjoy wearing these rich sunset colors? Taking you to that happy pplace every
time you wear.

And along with that necklace is the cutest handcrafted ceramic dish designed by
Ruchi has a poetic versee along the inner rim. The verse reads -That feeling you cannot name.
That is your heart growing. Written by Nayyirah Waheed.

You could store this necklace or your everyday jewelry in this darling dish.

Browse my Sunset necklace here.

Add some luck to your day with Horseshoe earrings!

hand forged horseshoe earrings being worn
As you are heading out the door being armed with a little extra good luck would add a kick to your
step, don't you think? My Horseshoe earrings could even be your intention for the day. Looking for and 
imagining all the good luck will come your way. You can start counting all the little things that are
considered to be lucky! Things like no one in line ahead or unexpected phone call from a dear old 
friend. Im wearing the bronze version of my earrings here but I also have available in copper.

Grab all the luck you can!

Browse my bronze Horseshoe ear rings here or 

Browse my copper Horseshoe earrings here


Be your best self with a prayer box and a karma necklace

silver  open circle necklace with a prayer box

When life feels unmanagable use a prayer box and slip on my Karma necklace.
Prayer boxes are like little mailboxes for your prayers. The idea is to write your prayer on a small slip
of paper and place it in the box. Once delivered in said box - release yourself from worry. And small
cute keepsake box (with lid) will do. 

My Karma necklace features a big open circle that represents the cycle of cause and effect. Keep that
circle flowing with . So its a good reminder to check yourself!  Simplistic design that is easy
to wear.

Browse my Karma necklace here