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Ageless style with green pearl earrings

green pearl hoop earring being worn

No matter your age, jewelry and pretty earrings are always
welcome. Who says you have to loose any sense of fashion as
you age?? Green pearl earrings will always brighten up your mood. Necklaces, earrings, bracelets, crazy hair color
and fun style keeps us all feeling younger and more alive.
Why? Because its just more fun. Nevermind those wrinkles 
of mine, Ive got jewlery.

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Pretty colors to wear with green pearl earrings

green pearl earrings against muted colors

Wearing green isn't just for St. Patricks day. My green pearl earrings
are actually a neutral green. They blend easily with other colors that might
surprise you. The pearls are held up to a painting with a blend of beautiful
muted colors. 
You can easily see how pretty they look with lavender that blends into
a peachy pink.  I wish this painting were a blouse!

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Love you to the moon with pearl earrings

pearl earrings with flowered dish

Expressions of love and fun with my pearl earrings and this whimsical flowered dish from
Natual Life. This little dish is perfect for taking your jewelry off at the end of day. Earrings,
rings or a little chain necklace would fit perfectly.  But I do think my pearl earrings which look
like little green moons were meant for this dish in particular!


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Looking relaxed with loose hair and chic pearl earrings


pearl hoop earrings for chic style

Letting your hair free and getting comfortable is step 1 in relaxing. Slip on your softest clothing
and a pair of pearl hoop earrings andyou'll be stylishly relaxed - just in case something important
pops up!

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