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Celebrating the world with coin necklaces

Variety of beaded gemstone coin necklaces displayed on white trunk

When you are consumed with wanderlust but aren't able to travel, coin necklaces can take you there.
These coins have actually been there - around the world that is. Touched by many hands throught the ages.
Each coin represents its country through symbols, words and artwork.

Coin necklaces are for anyone who appreciatea old coins, wants to wear a travel memory, their family
heritage or dream about your bucket list destination.


I have coin jewelry made with everything from chain, forged bars, pearls and gemstones.
See them in all in my Wanderlust Coin Collection here. Or I'm happy to design a custom coin necklace or bracelet for you!

There are 2 sides to every coin - especially on a necklace

1943 Indian coin necklace with pearls on a seashell

 "There are two sides to every coin" typically means you can't have the good part
of something without it's bad part. Not necessarily so when it comes to coin necklaces. Ha!
I absolutley love the unusual shape of this one. And talk detail?! This one has plenty.
Now how about the other side of this coin?



Old coin pearl necklace on a white seahell

The flip side of this coin is just as good. It's a fabulous coin hands down. I love the
age old patina on the coins and did a very light polishing just to highlight that artwork.

So in the case you get 2 very good sides of the coin:)

For more details shop my India Coin Pearl Necklace here.

A pretty pearl Portuguese coin necklace from one of the oldest countries in the world

in hand green pearl Portugese coin necklace

Portugal is famous for its beaches, food and Cristiano Ronaldo…. but that's just the tip
of the iceberg. ... Portugal is one of the oldest countries in Europe with its borders pretty much
unchanged since 1297.

Portugal is ranked as the 3rd safest country in the world by the Global Peace Index. That means
that Portugal is a safe place to visit—although, like in many destinations, there remains a risk of
petty crime.

If your family immigrated from Portugal or you have been there and are longing for another
souvenier you might enjoy wearing my Portugal coin necklace. Nothing better than an original coin
that is a real piece of art history. 

I read that Portugal has the oldest bookstore in its capital. I'm a bookstore lover and would so
LOVE to explore that!


Shop my Portugal coin necklace here

or shop my entire Wanderlust Coin Collection here.

What do great coffee and great jewelry have in common?

holding coffee & wearing chunky coin bracelet

Both of them - a really great cup of coffee and artisan jewelry are NOT a result of chance! They are well
thought out and carefully carefully crafted until it was just right. 

Believe you me I have had some nasty tasting bitter coffee. The kind that just leaves you with
bad breath and no enjoyment. And the same goes for cheap jewelry that is mass produced. It may
be satisfying for a moment but don't count on it to last!

This bracelet is made with beautifully designed coins from all over the world and all through the
years. These little tokens of art and history have so much character. This pieces will leave you feeling
connected to your brothers and sisters from foreign lands.

Click here for details on my Around the World bracelet

Yes you can layer coin jewelry!

layered coin jewelry being worn

Layering jewelry is all about balance. When in balance each piece will compliment the other.

The top necklace is more petite. The coin is smaller and the brass bars are more on the
delicate side. The second necklace has a much bigger coin. Heavier chain and it hangs down longer.
They compliment rather than compete with each other.

Go ahead, give it a try!

For more details on jewelry shown here shop Petite Coin necklace and Coin & Pearl Necklace

Running around town in my Around the World bracelet

chunky coin bracelet worn on wrist

               Running errands is much better in comfortable clothes. Add an accessory to make 
               your comfortable attire look intentional and polished.

              I was out all morning running errands and decided to take this baby out for a spin.
              The coins jangle around your wrist playfully and I can't stop touching them!

               Read more about my Around the World Charm bracelet here.

The perfect necklace for a patterned top

patterned top with gold coin necklace

When your favorite tops or sweaters are patterened your jewelry needs to compliment 
in a simple way. That makes this gold coin cluster necklace an easy answer. It's not to busy
and doesn't compete with the pattern.

And it looks just as good with a solid color too. These coins are from all around the world
and feature some beautiful detailed artwork. You'll be wearing a piece of art and true history around
your neck.

Shop here to see all coin jewelry

Feed your wanderlust with coin jewelry from all around the globe

wood piece filled with coin jewelry

For lovers of art and history you'll be excited about my new coin jewelry! These gorgeous token,
touched by so many hands are filled with artistic designs, culture and are a true piece of history.

I already can't wait to design more pieces. If you want to see the new pieces then 
shop the Wanderlust Coin Collection