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Travel dreams with an old coin bracelet

old coin bracelet on top of map

Do you enjoy collecting souvenirs, trinkets or post cards to remember
or dream about places from around the world? My old coin jewelry
is a cool way to do just that. I can either make you a custom piece of
jewelry with coins from places you have been or you can just choose any piece
if you enjoy the art history that each coin offers. This pearl coin bracelet is now at 
one if my retailers called Clay and Cotton. You can buy it from them!

Browse my Wanderlust Coin Collection here for ready to wear.


Iceland coin necklace for a unique holiday gift

Pearl & crystal Iceland coin necklace


That Iceland - Island Kronur coin is just so gorgeous in its detail. Beautiful art history,  a relic of
the past in the form of a pearl crystal artisan style coin necklace. A treasue to have, hold and wear forever.
Especially if a coin location has special meaning. Whether its where your family immigrated from or holds
a memory of an event or trip old coins are just the coolest in my book!

I'd love to make a custom piece for you and your special place! For a custom piece message me at


Or brouse my and find a cool ready-to-wear piece

A gold & pearl Peruvian Coin necklace birthday gift

mom wearing coin necklace with daughter
Birthday celebrations with gifts are always fun to receive. This lovely is a Peruvian girl. Her mother-in-law
gifted her this gold Peru coin in a pearl and mixed gold chain necklace. So pretty against her skin tone. 
These old coins have incredibly beautiful markings and symbols that represent that country. See the
picture below to view coin detail.


gold chain old coin necklace on wood & white trunk

The lady on this coin is so cool - earrings (yes!) and all kinds of gorgeous hair ornaments or are they braids?
Either way they the artwork is beautifully intricate. I have coin galore and can make you a custom
necklace or you can shop my ready to wear coin jewerly.

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Celebrating the world with coin necklaces

Variety of beaded gemstone coin necklaces displayed on white trunk

When you are consumed with wanderlust but aren't able to travel, coin necklaces can take you there.
These coins have actually been there - around the world that is. Touched by many hands throught the ages.
Each coin represents its country through symbols, words and artwork.

Coin necklaces are for anyone who appreciatea old coins, wants to wear a travel memory, their family
heritage or dream about your bucket list destination.


I have coin jewelry made with everything from chain, forged bars, pearls and gemstones.
See them in all in my Wanderlust Coin Collection here. Or I'm happy to design a custom coin necklace or bracelet for you!