Blog posts of '2022' 'May'

Simple handcrafted statement earrings

silver double hoop earrings on white table
Valuing handcrafted art and jewelry, like my earrings are 
feel good things. In a world where so many things are mass produced
it feels extra special when you find true craftmanship. Whether its
furniture, clothes, food, art or jewelry it truly makes a difference.
You can feel the spirit and heartfelt love that goes into the making.
My Hoop de Hoop earrings were made for those who love the look
and feel handcrafted. They quality statement earrings, in an original
design that won't disappoint. They will last for years to come!

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Wear versatile pearl necklaces with flowers or animal prints!


pearl necklaces on mannequin with animal print

Pearl jewelry is no longer just for extra extra special ocassions!
Pearls are so versatile these days. They can be worn with blue jeans, 
evening gowns and everything in between. Here are two great examples
of pearls being worn with two completely different dresses. This trendy
animal print becomes sophisticated when wearing both the Pearls in a
Row necklace and the Pearl Drop Necklace. It speaks of confidence.


pearl necklaces on mannequin w/floral dress

That same pearl jewelry also looks with other dress styles.
This dress is the exact opposite of an animal print! Here you've got
an ultra feminine floral print dress. So very pretty with the addition 
of soft pearls. The same Pearls in a Row necklace and the Pearl
Drop necklace look smashing with this light and airy ensamble.

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Keep it simple with a sterling silver cuff stack

silver cuff stack on wrist
Having go-to anything sure helps in keeping things simple.
Uncomplicated. My Soulfed stack of 5 cuff bracelets are most definitly
easy to wear. They for sure fall into the category of
go-to jewelry. And being all silver, that means they
will compliment every color, pattern and style! A no brainer
for gift giving or when packing to travel. Keep it simple!

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Vacation earrings at the beach

female wearing green earrings & beach hat

Vacations are for fun, for relaxing and enjoying your favorite things.
Sara's favorite color is green so naturally she took her green on green
earrings made by me. These earrings feature green color blocking which 
has a fun feel. Like vacation. Feeling the fun is what its all about. 
Your vacation jewlery should be pieces that are easy to wear. Your favorites.
And maybe you'll only need a few pieces that you can rely on to make
packing easier.

Browse my Green on Green Earrings here for more details

The sweetest keepsake baby bracelet gift

pearl baby bracelet on pink tissue w/card insert

A sweet newborn babe deserves a sweet new bracelet!
And what a wonderful keepsake gift to give. All those over the top,
undeniably cute outfits will be outgrown or maybe stained.
But a piece of jewelry like this bracelet can be worn, enjoyed and 
handed down for generations. Don't you want yoour gift to stand
out and be remembered?!  Sierra Pauline isn't even born yet but this
bracelet is already waiting for her!

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(I'd love to make one just for you. Shoot me an email!)