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Keep it simple with a sterling silver cuff stack

silver cuff stack on wrist
Having go-to anything sure helps in keeping things simple.
Uncomplicated. My Soulfed stack of 5 cuff bracelets are most definitly
easy to wear. They for sure fall into the category of
go-to jewelry. And being all silver, that means they
will compliment every color, pattern and style! A no brainer
for gift giving or when packing to travel. Keep it simple!

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Springtime simplicity with artisan bracelets & turquoise earrings

silver cuffs & turquoise hoop earrings on display

Hello there Springtime. I like you. Breezes, flowers and
lighter clothing in fresh colors. I've got a simple set of silver
stacking cuffs and turquoise earrings to go with your fresh tops,
dresses, skirt & pants.

Cuff are simple ans so easy to wear.
Silver cuffs are down for any ocassion, any time,
any where! They could easily become everyday regulars for your wrist.
Turquoise earrings just speak for themselves. I mean who doesn't
love turquoise earrings?! With a hoop and a stick these
earrings are just so arty and cute.Swingy and light.

Whether your going to lunch, a business meeting, zoom call
or chasing butterflies (haha) these cuff bracelets and 
earrings are ready and waiting.

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My Tribe Cuff

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XOX cuff

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Easy to wear bracelets for piano playing

female playing piano with silver cuff stack
When playing the piano you need the bracelets that won't
interfere with playing by hitting your piano keys. That would be a drag!
Can you imagine a charm bracelet jangling against everything?!
This cuff stack hugs your wrist. There is no dangling or getting
in your way! So you can be looking sly while entertaining with music!

These cuffs are sold seperately or as a stack of three


silver cuff stack on hand at piano

Show here is the Bear Hugs Cuff with stamped circles,
next to the Sealed with a Kiss cuff stamped with X's and last but not least is 
the XOX Cuff bracelet stamped with - you guessed it, X's and 0's

That's a nice stack of love for your wrist!

Beach bliss and silver cuff bracelets

silver cuff stack on fence at beach!

Have you heard the acronym for the word beach? I love it. 
Its best-escape-anyone-could-have! Pile on my stack of cuff
 bracelets and its even better. The sterling silver shines bright out in the sun.
You can stack them up with a sundress, swimsuit or shorts. They are
casual enough for every day. You can wear a stack of three,
or a stack of five, or a single cuff all by itself.

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Harvesting lemons and silver stacking bracelets

picking lemons with silver stacking cuffs

When my friends lemon tree starts producing she generously lets me harvest lots of her fresh lemons.
So on this day I was wearing a dress and my silver stacking bracelets but I saw lemons that were ready.
So I got out a ladder to see what I could find!

Anytime I find myself in a garden or body of nature the photo opportunities are endless. Mountains, beach
back yard or just at the park there is always something beautiful that is growing or blooming.
Photographing jewelry in these same settings is like icing on a cake. So yes right in mid harvest I
stopped to snap a picture.

Hello fresh lemons, I love you! Click here if you want to know more about my groovy
textured sterling silver cuff stack

Feed your soul 5 ways with this sterling cuff stack

set of textured sterling cuff bracelets on arm

Wearing meaningful jewelry is the prettiest way to wear your reminders.

These reminders are for how you want to live, feel, and just be. That's why each cuff
has a unique design which represents the meaning behind it. 

Maybe you want to send hugs and kisses to someone. Or you see and choose to live life with a
clean slate everyday. Valuing your tribe of those is who lift you up is always mood booster. And lastly
there is a bracelet that is for remembering to learn what feeds your soul and feels good to you.

For more details shop

Sealed with a Kiss

Clean Slate

My Tribe

Bear Hugs

Oh My Soul