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Step out in casual cool style and handcrafted jewelry!

Outfit flat lay with handcrafted jewelry
You can keep it simple and still step out in style with 
a stack of handcrafted cuff bracelets and breezy earrings
Casual cool Summer dresses for feeling airy. Comfy shoes
for bopping around town. And when your wearing 
statement bracelts and artsy earrings you can skip 
wearing a necklace. Less is more in some cases. 

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For those who love handcrafted silver and black leather jewelry

silver circle black cord necklace & silver bracelet stack displayed

Are you a lover of sterling silver jewelry? Do bracelets that have been
hammered, textured with character and creativley brought to life get your
attention? And how about a necklace that falls in the same caterfory?! 

I know some of you are strickly gold wearing and others are
strickly silver wearing. For my sterling silver peeps, these pieces 
are made for your everyday living. Expressing yourself with things
you love and appreciate. Handcrafted jewelry is wearable art. 
When you wear artsian jewlery you can feel good about
keeping the arts alive.

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Easy to wear bracelets for piano playing

female playing piano with silver cuff stack
When playing the piano you need the bracelets that won't
interfere with playing by hitting your piano keys. That would be a drag!
Can you imagine a charm bracelet jangling against everything?!
This cuff stack hugs your wrist. There is no dangling or getting
in your way! So you can be looking sly while entertaining with music!

These cuffs are sold seperately or as a stack of three


silver cuff stack on hand at piano

Show here is the Bear Hugs Cuff with stamped circles,
next to the Sealed with a Kiss cuff stamped with X's and last but not least is 
the XOX Cuff bracelet stamped with - you guessed it, X's and 0's

That's a nice stack of love for your wrist!

A stack of sterling silver cuff bracelets for your favorite arm!

sterling silver cuffs in a stack

This stack of cuff bracelets can be worn on your right arm,
your left arm or both arms. Unless you have a favorite
arm that is! This set comes in a stack of five. I could seriously 
wear about 3 stacks of five up my arm. Thats how much I love 
cuff bracelets. How many would you wear?

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Wear to work bracelets

holding silver textured cuff bracelets by lap top
Dressing for work can sometimes have limitations
depending on what your job is. If you are your computer a lot you 
find yourself annoyed with jangley bracelets that get in 
the way when you are typing. Or maybe they make to much noise?
My textured cuff bracelets are the perfect work bracelet. Why?

They are cuffs so there is no dangling chain. They just sit around
your wrist looking pretty. You can wear them in a set of three
or a set of five. There to remind you there is life after work!

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or enjoy yourself and

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