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Easy come easy go jewelry

denim clothes & long silver chain necklace

Easy come easy go is an easy way to live with anything denim this fun
versatile silver chain necklace. In a hurry? Grab anything denim,  like a skirt,
top, jacket, blue jeans, or a dress and a silver necklace. You
really really can't go wrong. Its like an insta-outfit. Takes out all the 
over thinking about it! The Chain reaction is versatile in that it can be worn 
multiple ways. Long as shown.  Double up as shown. But you can also
wear it long and just clasp the hook along any part of the chain.
This allows you to create all kinds of looks and style.
If you need some easy come easy go in your closet, this necklace
sure comes in handy.

Browse the Chain Reation necklace here for more details.

Yes, you can wear a lacey camisole with a chunky chain necklace

long silver chain necklace with lacey top
Opposites clearly attract! My long chunky silver 
Chain Reaction necklace is hearty and statement making. 
AND it looks great with this very feminine camisole. You might
of been thinking that you could only wear a tiny little chain
and stone necklace. And you most certainly could. By wearing
the opposite its a lot more unusual. Intereseting. Eye catching.
Just go for it! 

Browse my Chain Reaction necklace here for more detail.
You can see more ways that this chain can be worn!

Start your own chain gang with this chain link necklace

long chain link necklace on board

            Chain jewelry is all over the place right now! Everything
            from plastic chains to crazy bold colorful chain to your standard
            metal chains like my my Chain Reaction necklace. Since I designed this
            this piece I've noticed that it has been the starter necklace for
            collecting chain jewelry. This aby can be worn a number of ways
            as well. To learn more about this necklace click on the 
            links below.

             Browse the silver Chain Reaction Necklace here

             Broswe the Mixed metal Chain Reaction Necklace here

             Browse the Chain Reaction Bracelet here


A silver chunky chain necklace that works in every season

heavy silver chain necklace on white distressed wood

                       This necklace is the most versatile, practical, built to last piece that you
                       should have! Why? So many reasons. Let's begin.

                        It is long and can be easily tossed over your head. The clasp can be
                        hooked in just about anywhere along the chain which means you can
                        wear this a number of ways including doubled. The chain is hearty and
                        won't break if it get tugged on.

                        Being all silver makes this very practical in matching so many of your
                        clothes no matter what season it is.

                        This piece can be styled with business suits or out for coffee in jeans and a tee.

                        For more info about my Chain Reaction necklace click here.

A groovin Desigual denim skirt with a long funky chain necklace

model wearing long funky silver necklace with denim skirt

  Boost your happiness with a fun denim skirt by Desigual. This style and cut is so cute! With a busy
  patterned skirt like this a chunky silver chain statement necklace is all you need.


silver chunky chain necklace worn with denim skirt

Add a hat and head out the door! This image is from Clay and Cotton one of my retailers
in Louiseville, KY. I love how they pair my jewelry with the clothing brands they carry. Pop in if you
love in that area!

In the meantime you can shop my Chain Reactin necklace here.

Casual style with a leopard print jacket and cool chunky chain necklace

cool leopard skin jacket and chunky silver necklace

 Of course you can add a little edge to casual styles. Express the real you! This leopard print
 looks so smart with this black sweater and white blouse too. Slip on my long chain necklace for
 more detail. Or double up this chain necklace for a shorter statement necklace. the choice is all yours.

 For more details on necklace shop here

The coolest denim Desigual outfit with a long chunky chain necklace

whimsical denim outfit and long cool chain necklace

     Pairing my jewelry with Desigual, a brand that is about saying Yes to Life and expressing
     your authenticity through unique clothing has me doing a happy dance over here! I certainly
     share that view. 

     This very cool denim outfit and my Chain Reaction necklace are on display at one of my favorite
     retailers  - Clay and Cotton in Louiseville, KY. Be sure to stop in if you live in that area!