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This necklace pairs well with a quilted jacket and neck scarf

long silver necklace artisan necklace on mannequin

Wearing warm neck scarves and jackets doesn't mean
that your necklace doesn't matter or worse, doesn't
even show through! As you can see here jewelry is part of this
cute outfit. My long Chain Reaction necklace is very long
which allows it to hang down over a sweater and not stay
hidden up under a collar or your jacket. This necklace
can also be worn more than one way which gives you
fun options. We all want options, right?!

To learn more about this necklace click here.

Jewelry gifts are personal, timeless and always desired!


packaged jewelry in branded box

Need a gift idea? Need to mail it? Want it to be very special?
Ive got you covered with my handcrafted earrings, bracelets, necklaces,
anklets, and even bookmarks!

My pieces are handcrafted here in my California studio. Each piece is
made individually and packaged in branded jewlery bags with a story card, and 
a strip of down to earth denim. If you want to mail your package to your gift
recipient I can do that for you as well. Packaged in a branded box with pretty
tissue paper. How easy is that?! 

Jewelry gifts are long lasting, sentimental keepsakes. A special piece of
jewlery always lifts your spirits. And if you want a custom piece I am happy
to make you something as well. 

Choose love with this artisan heart bracelet

handcrafted silver heart chain bracelet on wood

Choosing this handcrafted artisan heart bracelet is most
definitley about choosing love. No mistaking it! This original 
design even has the word amore stamped on the edge. Amore 
is the Italian word for love. Beautiful in every language. This
bracelet is a sturdy and strong. I consider it a keepsake piece of
jewelry. Its a statement of love for your 
wrist that can be seen each and every time its worn. Always there to
remind you to choose love over hate. Reminders for seeing with love,
hearing with love, listening with love and speaking with love. 
Wear this bracelet and go change the world!

That's Amore Bracelet in Sterling Slver

While leaves may be falling from trees, these leaf earrings will only fall from your ears

gold leaf outline earrings on display with real leaves

My Loose Leaf earrings are long lasting and can be enjoyed year round.
These leaves will stay in place. Instead of falling to the ground,
they will gently fall and sway from your earlobes. Mother nature
provides so many kinds of leaves. All varying in size, color and design.
Observing leaves from trees, to plants and flowers were all inspirational
for me when designing my leaf earrings.

Meant to be enjoyed year round. Especially during the Fall season when
the leaves start showing off their chainging colors and sway to the ground.
Scoop up a pair for ourself or your favorite outdoor loving gal.

Browse the Loose Leaf earrings here

Showstopping large silver hammered disc earrings

large silver hammered disc earrings with a plant

My Circle Dance earrings were meant to be show stoppers, and they are!
These earrings can make a bad hair day look good. They are exceptionally
attention getting on both long hair and short hair gals. They were named
circle dance becuase they will seriously have you wanting to get up and move!
I kid you not. If you wear no other jewlery, these earrings speak volumes.

As always each pair are handcrafted. Cut out with a tiny jewelers say. Filed
and sanded. Heat fired to soften the metal for the hammer striking. Scubbed
clean. Put into a tumbler for further cleaning and polishing. Then beautifully
packaged for you and your ears!


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Sturdy jewelry for being outdoors

hearty silver chain layered bracelets on wrist

Outdoor stuff, like moving plants around, rearranging patio furniture,
and decorating calls for sturdy jewelry! of course you an wear something
that makes you feel good but avoiding your delicate dainty pieces 
might be a smart idea to consider. Shown here  two hearty bracelets
that can handlle all your outdoor adventures. That wide silver curb
chain braclet is my Oring bracelet thats built to last. Riding shotgun
is the silver layered beadball chain, Joan bracelet. Both are pieces
were made for everyday living. 

For more details, browse the Oring bracelet

For more details, browse the Joan bracelet

Wear a gold heart necklace to remember what's most important

wearing gold textured heart necklace on earthy striped top

Living from love is what its all about. This gold heart necklace is a daily
reminder for living like you mean it. Rain or shine, in any season, 
love triumphs all things. Handcrafted by me, means that no two are
alike. Theyare all a little unique just as we are! This piece is meant for 
YOU or to be gifted with a whole lotta love! 

Browse the GOLD heart necklace here

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Living with powerful words and an easy to wear necklace

hanging silver chain black cord necklace

      Words do matter and so does your jewelry! I mean that! The words
      we live by, think about and use guide us throught the day.
      Always in the back burner of your thoughts. And the same goes for 
      easy to wear jewelry like my Silver Cluster necklace. This cutie slides
      ride over your head with ease. You can pop this on, choose your favorite,
      length and head out the door. Perectly polished for your work day,
      into an appropriate outfit.  Just ssayin!

     Brosw the Silver Chain Cluster Necklace here

Did you know that plant based can be used on this essential oil bracelet?!

black gold green essential oil bracelet on wrist

Yes! Yes, you can use plant based oils on this bold gemstone essential
oil bracelet. This bracelet serves you in two ways. For starters its a gorgeous
bracelet with lovely stones that can be worn alone or added in with
your favorite stack. 
The second way is to add of your favorite essential oils to those black lava
beads. Those beads are porous and will absorb a drop or two of oil.
You gently spread it around the bead. And let the goodness of those
oils do their job. Add drops of lavender oil to feel calm and soothed.
Add drops of pepperment and lemon to perk yourself up. The options
are endless! 

Browse the Serenity Now bracelet here for more infor.

For those who love handcrafted silver and black leather jewelry

silver circle black cord necklace & silver bracelet stack displayed

Are you a lover of sterling silver jewelry? Do bracelets that have been
hammered, textured with character and creativley brought to life get your
attention? And how about a necklace that falls in the same caterfory?! 

I know some of you are strickly gold wearing and others are
strickly silver wearing. For my sterling silver peeps, these pieces 
are made for your everyday living. Expressing yourself with things
you love and appreciate. Handcrafted jewelry is wearable art. 
When you wear artsian jewlery you can feel good about
keeping the arts alive.

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