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While leaves may be falling from trees, these leaf earrings will only fall from your ears

gold leaf outline earrings on display with real leaves

My Loose Leaf earrings are long lasting and can be enjoyed year round.
These leaves will stay in place. Instead of falling to the ground,
they will gently fall and sway from your earlobes. Mother nature
provides so many kinds of leaves. All varying in size, color and design.
Observing leaves from trees, to plants and flowers were all inspirational
for me when designing my leaf earrings.

Meant to be enjoyed year round. Especially during the Fall season when
the leaves start showing off their chainging colors and sway to the ground.
Scoop up a pair for ourself or your favorite outdoor loving gal.

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Loose Leaf earrings are for every season of the year

gold wire leaf earrings on red leaves
While many trees loose their leaves in the Fall my earrings
won't let you down. They are happy to hang loosely from 
your precious little lobes in every season! Handcrafted in bronze
wire they also go with all your seasonal outfit colors and styles.
Wear these earrings with a Summer dress, yes. Wear these earrings 
with a Fall sweater and scarf, yes. Wear these in Winter with a 
cozy turtleneck, yes. Wear these in Spring with a pastel outfit,
yes again!

Browse the Loose Leaf earrings here