Blog posts of '2019' 'September'

Introducing the flavor of Fall with a bold earthy necklace

earthy colorful chunky gemstone leather stack necklace

You'll enjoy this bold, warm, earthy necklace that is easy to wear with long sweaters and jackets for Fall.

Why? Because this ready to wear necklace includes a slide bead in back.
A slide beads lets you change the length of your necklace with pure ease. Just slide the bead
up or down depending on your desired length or outfit. 

Are you ready for Fall? Shop this necklace and you will be!


Comfy style with the cutest petite heart earrings

petite silver heart earrings on model with hair in bun

Comfy style sounds soft and relaxing. Like being cozied up under a blanket only
you get to feel that way in your clothes and style. Yessss! Who doesnt like the sound of that?

When your going for the ultimate in comfy and don't want heavy jewelry to weigh you down, consider
some petite earrings that add just a whisper of polished detail.

The hearts shown are also hypoallergenic, waterproof and tarnish proof. All your bases are covered.

To learn more shop petite heart earrings

Experience the beauty of a sunset with an incredibly colorful necklace

orange blue gemstone sunset necklace with denim

Those bold breathtaking colors from a sunset are not only gorgeous but offer us positive benefits too.

Did you know that simply sitting and observing the sunset also gives you a 
health boost: the opportunity to practice mindfulness. Those quiet calm moments are good
for recharging. And during that time it can feel as if all our troubles float away.

Instead of waiting for your next vacation to watch a sunset, you can wear my sunset necklace
around your neck and feel that beautiful sky all around you.

orange gemstone earrings and sunset backround

Peaking out ... are my orange ball gold stick earrings. Looking so cute together.

For details shop earrings


Easy updo's and earrings for the beach or warm weather

high pony tail with elongated silver & black earrings

Let yourself feel the breeze in an easy style that will keep you cool.

It's easy!

Pull your hair back in a playful high ponytail. 

Pretty it up with a scarf or scrunchie

Last but certainly not least, WEAR earrings (they make everything better)

Fall weather - all weather hoop earrings

series of hoop earrings on black wood

Absolutley a must have staple for everyones jewelry box.

These hammered hoop earrings are here for you year round.
At your side for concerts, football games, work, coffee, cocktails, hiking or just visiting your neighbor:)

All are feather light as can be and your earlobes will thankyou for that. To learn more about these
hoops that come in sterling or gold and in a variety of sizes click below.

Sterling hammered hoop earings

Gold hammered hoop earrings


Go bold with a chunky chain layered necklace

a leather and chain layered necklace on rock

Armor yourself in attitude with this fun mix of chain, charms and leather. 

When your blue jeans are screaming at you to add some kind cool vibe to your outfit
 before you head out the door...

Grab the Sunny Side Up necklace and she'll take care of the rest;)

Wear cool jewelry everyday and ...

bracelet stack on arm and wearing black necklace

Wear your cool jewelry everyday and you'll always have somthing beautiful to see, touch and enjoy.
Jewelry can change your mood! 

Jingle jangle jewelry is cheerful and keeps you company. Charm bracelets and necklaces allow for
touching charms and remembering those special meanings and intentions.
Aromatherapy jewelry offers healing scents that you can take with you everywhere you go.

Cebette is all about silver and black jewelry. It's her trademark! Amoung the pieces she is wearing 
here is my set of 5 sterling cuff bracelets. And a great big black lava necklace that can also be
used with essential oils. Black and silver will always be a classic pairing.

For details on the jDavis jewelry being shown click on the links below.

Soulfed Stack of 5 cuff bracelets 

Whole Lotta Lava diffuser necklace

Elegant hammered mixed metal stick jewelry for your ears and neck

silver gold stick jewelry on black

Elegant style for elegant outfits. Be it a wedding or any formal event.  Shiny, hand hammered
artisan jewelry speaks for itself. Add these pieces to the simplest of outfits and you"ll
feel all dressed up in no time.

Earring are available in sterling or gold -and - long or short!

For  more details click the links below

Silver & Gold necklace

Long Gold Stick Earrings
Short Gold Stick earrings



Long Silver Stick earrings
Short Silver Stick earrings

Surround yourself with positive energy artisan necklace

black and silver necklace on model

    Surrounding yourself with people that reflect who you want to be and how you want to feel will
    certainly boost that positive energy in your life. Increase the odds with my Surround Yourself necklace
    that shares this intention.

    This necklace is a reminder to live your best life and to choose wisely who you are surrounded by!

     For more details on this handcrafted necklace click here

Soft aqua blue gemstone earrings reminiscent of the beach

silver hoop aqua gemstone earrings on stone

  Combining the colors of the ocean, shells and soft sand with soothing breezes and the sound
  of crashing waves is an unforgettable experience. Just thinking about it brings a relaxed
  feeling of calm comfort all over.

  These airy hoops with the prettiest, watery aqua blue stones evoke that light easy feeling of being
  at the beach - even if its just in your mind!

  Want to know more?

   Shop earrings