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Wearing handcrafted love with earrings & a necklace

wearing spiral earrings and artsy heart necklace

Handcrafted ANYTHING is just extra special. Handcrfated things
are made with heart, soul and meticulous care. My necklace
and earrings are were made with sheet metal, wire, files, saws
and soldering. Designed with intention. I appreciate that same
quality and handcrfated clothing designs, anything baked fromscratch
and have you ever had a pair of custom shoes made? I have not but
I do someone who has. They were pricey and exquisite.
Well worth every penny in my book. 

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Easy travel jewelry


silver cuffs on arm at airport

Traveling is exciting but packing can be stressful. My tip 
for jewelry is to keep it simple. My silver cuff stack works 
for every single day or night activity. I took these on my 
last trip with Southwest Airlines and never took them off!

Silver goes with everything. So you don't really need to change 
out all your jewery if you're trying to travel light. These can 
be worn for sight seeing, dinners out, museums, and you'll
be looking cute as can be in all your travel photo's

Browse my Souldfed stack of 5 bracelets

Lines and circles and sterling silver jewelry

silver cuff stack abd big circle earrings

Textures and shapes make for interesting jewelry. Shown here
line texture cuffs and double circle earrings. They compliment 
each other without being too matchy. The bigger spaced lined 
cuff was inspired by a bamboo tree. The close together lined cuffs 
represent your close knit "tribe". I love the mix of these two!

And after all those lines some big circles were in order. I call
these big babies my Hoop de Hoop earrings becuase two hoops 
are better than one, right?! ALL about those circles and lines and
how great they look together. Whether its in textiles or metal.


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Yes you can wear jewelry with bulky sweaters!

model in sweater with necklace & earrings

Its that time of year when the sweaters start coming out to play.
And here is Alice wearing her great big ORing necklace.
Proof that you CAN wearing a necklace with a super
thick sweater. And she didn't stop there. She is also sporting
some long silver earrings. While big sweaters are cozy and
warm like your favorite blanket. But just by adding jewelry
this look is now ready for an evening out. Snuggly and sophisticated!!

Browse my ORing necklace here for more details

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A very merry & bright jewelry set

colorful beaded necklace & earring set

When you need a boost of merry and bright the
solution is easy...just slip my colorful gemstone and crystal
beaded necklace around your neck. Pop in these adorabley
coordinated earrings and call it a day. A very cheerful day it 
should be. Just set your mind to it!

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Johnny Was + this necklace = a match made in heaven

embroidered top with artisan bar necklace

Johnny Was is to dye for! Especially if you love gorgeous embroidered 
clothing designs that are busy cool and whimsical. I know I do!
A simple artisan necklace is all that is needed with this
Johnny Was style.Wear these pieces with your blue jeans
or leggings and boots. 
My Bar None necklace is an easy design with artistic flair which 
makes these pairings work! 

Browse my Bar None necklace here

Shop Clay & Cotton for the cute top!

Wear your Pearl jewelry with both denim or silk

pearl jewelry on denim and silk fabric

Beautiful lustrous pearls have been longtime classics. And in all their
finery we now wear our gorgeous pearl necklaces, bracelets
and earrings for casual cool style as well. Yes of course pearls are
still worn with silks, dressy outfits and formal ocassions. But our 
boots and jeans also love pearl jewelry. Making pearls contine
to be timeless and now very versatile.For more details on the
pearl jewelry shown here, click the links below.

White Pearl Drop Necklace

White Pearl Floating Bracelet

White Pearl Cascade Earrings



Express yourself with exclamation point earrings!

silver elongated oval earrings on card

Exclamation points are used for strong feelings or a
forceful utterance.It's a punctuation mark (!) indicating
an exclamation. This is exactly the feeling behind these
I've been known to overuse exclamation points but is
possible? It's really how I talk! My original Exclamation
Point Earrings have black gemstones on the bottom.
For this custom pair of Exclamation Point earrings
she wanted these colors and I really
like how they turned out. Maybe I should offer them in other
colors? I see that as a strong possibility!

Browse my origninal Exclamation Point earrings here
Complete your outfit with a happy necklace

colorful gemstone necklace array on white table
If colors, design and pretty things bring you joy then
you need to have  colorful jewelry to wear! it will boost
your happiness. Whether its a coin necklace, a chunky 
turquoise necklace, a cheerful gemstone bracelet, a bright
red necklace you deserve to have something beautiful and
uplifting. Its time to treat yourself! Go on now!

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