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Down to earth jewelry for the real you.

turquoise necklace coral earrings flat lay with hat

Casual style, down to earth jewelry for your real everyday life. Slip on my Turquoise necklace and coral earrings. Whether running to the grocery store, visiting your weekend Farmers Market, out to brunch with girlfriends
or just running any old errands, you can wear jewelry to keep you comapny through out all of it.
You'll feel better when you take care of you and feel good about YOU!!

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Coral Reef earrings here and my Johnny necklace in Triple Tutquoise here

Flowing free with a pretty dress and flowing earrings.

flatlay with long green kurta dress earrings hat

You'll be flowing in comfort and style with this dress and earrings!
This Anouk dress has an ethnic India feel to it. Its long with slits
up the side which makes it flow around. Which mean it comfortable
and will keep you cool. So why not have a pair of earrings that  will
flow side by side with this dress! Long sterling silver sticks attach
to hoops that will swing around your shoulders. Nice and breezy.

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Preppy J.Crew with an Artisan pearl heart necklace

blue print Jcrew dress and artisan pearl silver heart necklace
Yes you can mix preppy style with artisan style. As you can see
right here. A blue printed, J.Crew dress has more personality
with a handmade chunky heart pearl necklace. A combination 
of cute, fun and interesting. To me anyway! So don't shy away 
from mixing up your styles. Just experiment and see what turns up.

Browse my Amore Heart Pearl necklace here for more details

Lovely peacock pearls with a green boho dress.



Pearl necklaces can be fun, not just formal. And speaking of
fun, enjoy your pearl necklaces with a bohemian dress or top. Again, 
please don't save them for oh so special ocassions. Live life now, I say!
Find your happy and dress the same way.

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Stepping out with hippity, hoppity hoop earrings!

female outside side view of hoop earrings
OK, even if you don't want to hippity, hoppity, you can still
feel pretty darn good in a pair of playful hoop earrings.

These hoops are really 2 hoops. Big and little. I think they are
friends! But that just goofy me. Stering silver and super light, 
just in case you DO want to go hippity hop, down the street. LOL.

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Step out in casual cool style and handcrafted jewelry!

Outfit flat lay with handcrafted jewelry
You can keep it simple and still step out in style with 
a stack of handcrafted cuff bracelets and breezy earrings
Casual cool Summer dresses for feeling airy. Comfy shoes
for bopping around town. And when your wearing 
statement bracelts and artsy earrings you can skip 
wearing a necklace. Less is more in some cases. 

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Summer fresh with cut flowers and a pearl necklace.

asymmetrical white pearl gold chain necklace with white flowers
White flowers and a sweet white pearl necklace definitley
has all the feels of fresh, clean and Summer! Think about soft
white tops
with an airy necklace on those warmer days.

Or, slip on a simple Summer dress with this pretty
pearl necklace. Then go treat yourself to flowers . Don't forget
about your own yard or
garden. Or a Farmers Market. 
Next up for me would be icecream!  A chocolate malt or vanilla
cone, feel fresh and clean too, right?! 

Browse the White Pearl Drop Necklace here for more details

Wearing handcrafted love with earrings & a necklace

wearing spiral earrings and artsy heart necklace

Handcrafted ANYTHING is just extra special. Handcrfated things
are made with heart, soul and meticulous care. My necklace
and earrings are were made with sheet metal, wire, files, saws
and soldering. Designed with intention. I appreciate that same
quality and handcrfated clothing designs, anything baked fromscratch
and have you ever had a pair of custom shoes made? I have not but
I do someone who has. They were pricey and exquisite.
Well worth every penny in my book. 

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Easy travel jewelry


silver cuffs on arm at airport

Traveling is exciting but packing can be stressful. My tip 
for jewelry is to keep it simple. My silver cuff stack works 
for every single day or night activity. I took these on my 
last trip with Southwest Airlines and never took them off!

Silver goes with everything. So you don't really need to change 
out all your jewery if you're trying to travel light. These can 
be worn for sight seeing, dinners out, museums, and you'll
be looking cute as can be in all your travel photo's

Browse my Souldfed stack of 5 bracelets

Lines and circles and sterling silver jewelry

silver cuff stack abd big circle earrings

Textures and shapes make for interesting jewelry. Shown here
line texture cuffs and double circle earrings. They compliment 
each other without being too matchy. The bigger spaced lined 
cuff was inspired by a bamboo tree. The close together lined cuffs 
represent your close knit "tribe". I love the mix of these two!

And after all those lines some big circles were in order. I call
these big babies my Hoop de Hoop earrings becuase two hoops 
are better than one, right?! ALL about those circles and lines and
how great they look together. Whether its in textiles or metal.


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