Blog posts of '2021' 'October'

Complete your outfit with a happy necklace

colorful gemstone necklace array on white table
If colors, design and pretty things bring you joy then
you need to have  colorful jewelry to wear! it will boost
your happiness. Whether its a coin necklace, a chunky 
turquoise necklace, a cheerful gemstone bracelet, a bright
red necklace you deserve to have something beautiful and
uplifting. Its time to treat yourself! Go on now!

Browse my Turquoise Mountain Necklace here

Browse my Color Me Happy Bracelet here

Browse my Argentina Coin necklace here

Browse my red It's All Good Necklace here

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Jewelry that plays well with your blue jeans


iridescent stone copper chain necklace & blue jeans

 These days blue jean styles are a plenty. Keeping it fresh
for all of us casual fashion blue jean lovers.  My copper
necklace and earrings have those warm tones that
compliment the golden thread in denim stiching. And the 
iridescent stones are a breath of feminity blended with rugged
blue jeans and denim style.


denim and  copper hoop chain earrings

Slip on a pair of swingy long cool hoop earrings to tell your
blue jeans that its a feeling cute day. Or maybe even a tad sexy?!

Jewelry shown here was from a custom order. But if you want this
or something similiar send me an email.


A unique handcrafted bookmark to remember where you left off

handcrafted copper beaded bookmark

If you are a book worm like I am then you need a bookmark
that is just as good as the book you're reading! If you've been one
to fold those page corners to remember then what happens when you
have multiple corners folded? That sounds frustrating. 

My whimsical bookmark is celebrating books, reading and all 
forms of literature. Plus they make really fun gifts to give.
Scoop one up so you'll never loose your place again.

Browse my Bookmark #4 here for more info

Love jewelry for the holidays


chunky chain white bronze open heart bracelet

I picked up a sprig of this from my friends yard. Doesn't it
scream holiday decoration? I immediatley grabbed my Amore
Heart bracelet for a photoshoot. Whether this sprig is Hollyberry
or Hypericum was to festive to pass up. A great reminder
for spreading love with my heart bracelet is easy. That love will
be seen and felt each and every time its on your wrist! And love
is love is love is love.

Browse my Thats Amore bracelet here for more details


Rustic with modern earrings

modern silver earrings on rusted bars

Opposites DO attract. Just look at how my long
silver hoop stick earrings show up agains this
textured aged copper?!  Its the same reason
wearing black and white outfits are always so
striking. So if you want to wear and age old
textured jacket with you're well worn earthy western
boots and these shiny earrings you most certainly can!
Go for it! And get ready for compliments too.

Browse my Silver Hoop Stick Earrings here


Warm wishes with red jewelry


red colorful jewelry on wood

Red is considered a warm color on the color wheel. 
And with the Fall season underway and Winter just around
the corner you might want to consider warming up with my 
It's All Good Good necklace and my Color Me Happy bracelet.
They are both colorful and incude red beads and crystals. Like little
mini fireplaces around your neck and wrist! LOL. Beside
the warmth of the color red my necklace brings instant cheer.
And adding to that is my fun bracelet design with multi gemstone
colors. Kind of like good mood jewelry!! Try it.

Browse my Color Me Happy bracelet here

Browse my It's All Good Necklace here

Cutest earring & bracelet set

multi color gemstone earrings bracelet on table

     This colorful set of bracelet and earrings are super cute with a 
     blue jean jacket. Always a cool casual style. These grab n go pieces
     won't disappoint. With timeless stones of coral, turquoise,
     black agate and more this bracelet offers a Southwestern aesthetic
     that is always pleasing to the eye! The earrings are complimentary in
     an artistic way. These classic pieces are timeless.



    Browse my Turquoise Hoop Stick Earrings here

    Browse my Color Me Happy bracelet here

Feeling all the greens with green jewelry

green gemstone necklace bracelet on wood

 There is being green with envy, green behind the gills
 living green for the environment and of course green jewlery
just because its pretty! 
My green earth bracelet remind me of globes. My Verde
Belleza necklace is spanish for green hills. The blend of 
greens and teals are deliciously complimentary. 

Green is a secondary color, a combination of the two primary
colors blue and yellow. Secondary colors always match colors
that comprise them.You can easily wear this green jewlery with 
shades of blue, yellow and also pink, orange, red, and brown.



Fall favorites including jewelry



silver earrings, necklace, nail polish displayed

Fall brings a change of weather, clothes and colors. And 
that also means adjusting your jewelry to go with this change
of season. I'm still a blue jean gal but now gravitate towards a few
darker colors to blend in with brighter colors. Gray is an awesome
My Pretty Stones in a Row necklace features gemstones that
are a blue-gray and a deep orange red. My sterling silver
Hoop de Hoop earrings are big enough to handle bulkier clothing.
They'll still show up nicely in your cute little lobes! And last but not least 
I am in love with all the insta dri nail polishes by Sally Hansen.
My current new favorite for Fall is a beautiful, just right gray
called Grease Lightening. Because I work with my hands, I'm 
pretty hard on nail polish. This stuff is great for my needs 
and oh so busy hands. It reallyn does dry fast.

Browse my Hoop de Hoop earrings here

Browse my Pretty Stones in a Row necklace here


Take a hike with laid back jewelry

wearing silver bracelet stack with blue jeans

Whether your heading out for a casual hike or a walk around the
park you don't have to be naked. Jewelry naked that is! My 
cuff bracelets and Amore Heart bracelet worn together create a casual 
aesthetic that is laid back. They can easily be worn on your afternoon
stroll or a night out with the gals or your special someone. Casual laid
back style is always comfortable.

Browse my Thats Amore Heart Bracelet here

Browse my Soulfed Stack of 3 Cuffs here