Fall favorites including jewelry



silver earrings, necklace, nail polish displayed

Fall brings a change of weather, clothes and colors. And 
that also means adjusting your jewelry to go with this change
of season. I'm still a blue jean gal but now gravitate towards a few
darker colors to blend in with brighter colors. Gray is an awesome
My Pretty Stones in a Row necklace features gemstones that
are a blue-gray and a deep orange red. My sterling silver
Hoop de Hoop earrings are big enough to handle bulkier clothing.
They'll still show up nicely in your cute little lobes! And last but not least 
I am in love with all the insta dri nail polishes by Sally Hansen.
My current new favorite for Fall is a beautiful, just right gray
called Grease Lightening. Because I work with my hands, I'm 
pretty hard on nail polish. This stuff is great for my needs 
and oh so busy hands. It reallyn does dry fast.

Browse my Hoop de Hoop earrings here

Browse my Pretty Stones in a Row necklace here


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