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Easy to wear bracelets for piano playing

female playing piano with silver cuff stack
When playing the piano you need the bracelets that won't
interfere with playing by hitting your piano keys. That would be a drag!
Can you imagine a charm bracelet jangling against everything?!
This cuff stack hugs your wrist. There is no dangling or getting
in your way! So you can be looking sly while entertaining with music!

These cuffs are sold seperately or as a stack of three


silver cuff stack on hand at piano

Show here is the Bear Hugs Cuff with stamped circles,
next to the Sealed with a Kiss cuff stamped with X's and last but not least is 
the XOX Cuff bracelet stamped with - you guessed it, X's and 0's

That's a nice stack of love for your wrist!

Earrings that pack a powerful punch!


large silver disc hammered earrrings

Everyone should have a pair of earrings that pack a powerful
punch in my opinion. If I were to choose only one piece of jewelry it
would be earrings. Earrings can make unbrushed messy hair somehow seem
intentional. Case in point. ME! I wear my hair up in messy buns and
ponytails while working. But if I slip in some big statement earrings
it just makes everything else ok. I feel naked with out them. Plus I love 
feeling something dangle. It seems festive. And I like festive!

Browse my Circle Dance Earrings in Sterling Silver here


Browse my Circle Dance Earrings in Brass

A timeless and true heart bracelet

sterling silver heart bracelet on wood

My Amore heart bracelet has been a best seller since the day I listed
it. That makes this piece timeless and true in my book. Hearts are loved
by all and they express a lot of emotion for all the people 
and things that we love. I am now offering this in sterling silver 
because you asked for it! But its still just as pretty in my bronze
and stainless steel metals. If you need a timelss and true gift then 
this heart bracelet is just the thing!!

Browes my Amore Heart bracelet in sterling silver here


Browse my Amore Heart bracelet in bronze and stainless steel here

Happy Heart Necklaces for everyday


silver & gold heart necklaces

Handcrafted heart necklaces in silver or gold for everyday.
These necklaces are super cute with tee shirts but darling
with a dresses too. Being handcrafted you'll be standing out 
from all those machine made hearts. These heart necklaces 
are known to sprinkle happiness too. So don't be suprised
if you feel a little extra smiley when wearing!

Browse my Big Little Heart Necklace in silver here

Browse my Big Little Heart Necklace in gold here

A chunky gold coin necklace that matches everything

coin cluster necklace on wood with scarf

If being practical suits you and you love old coins then my Coin Cluster
necklace will get the job done. Sold metal in gold or silver will always be
practical. These won't clash with any outfit. Not to busy and
not to colorful. Plus if you are traveling then that makes it easy to pack.

Browse my Coin Cluster necklace here for more details

A simple necklace with a stone that flashes

gold bar blue gemstone chain necklace

Having a simple necklace onhand is handy. We all need a grab and go 
piece that works for you and your style. My Bar None necklace
is super simple and easy to wear. The stone is labradorite which 
has a great flashing component when the lights hit it. it sometimes
looks gray but always has a that pretty blue peeping out. 
and blues and grays are very neutral colors. That means that 
they coordinate easily. This necklace also comes with two option of
stone placement. So you get to choose!

Browse my Bar None Labradorite necklace here for more details

A pearl necklace with a story!


white pearl gold chain necklace being worn

And what a story it is! I made this necklace for a new book author who wrote
Between Thougfhts of You which is what I named this necklace!
This is what Laura Roe (as seen in photo) had to say.

"I believe we meet for a reason. When I listen to seemingly random ideas
that pop into my mind - esp when giving specific direction no one else has suggested
- I am guided to a synchronizing event that inspires - or to a person
who becomes dear to me.

Here’s an example: In November I attended a jewelry show when my budget
post cancer surgery & car repair, didn’t allow for spending on myself - but still I went.
As I walked around the gorgeous offerings an idea popped into my mind.

Ask Janice - jDavisCollection to make me a necklace like the one the protagonist
in my novel Between Thoughts of You was given by her husband when she was trying
to get pregnant & then while she carried their daughter : a simple pearl on a thin gold chain
at the nape of her neck.

See, I had recently signed my dream agent @mrslentilsoup & I had just pulled
this novel from a lengthy process of self publishing. I was trying to birth a new baby
- to bring this book into the world via a traditional publisher. 
The day Janice called in early Dec for me to pick up this simple,
yet elegant holiday gift for myself - my agent @mrslentilsoup also called
to say a publisher was interested!

So on a warm Calif night near the Redondo Beach harbor where Janice
was in yet another jewelry show, I put this necklace on for the first time.
As I looked in the mirror I told Janice why I had wanted the necklace & that
perhaps she had a little something to do with the magic that inspired a publisher
to ask for the manuscript. When Janice asked about the protagonist-
and I said her name: “Lulu” Janice’s husband popped out from behind the booth
& said “Seriously?Honey, tell Laura your nickname.” Yup, you guessed it - Lulu."


Learn more about Laura and stay up to date about her new book here


Browse my Between Thoughts of You for more details about this necklace

The perfect necklace for a turtleneck

long necklace with turtleneck

Why is this necklace perfct for a turtleneck sweater?
Because its long and adjustable. This necklace could just as
easily been worn up top just under the turtleneck fold.
Or midway down. How practical and not to mention, fun is that?
All black really makes a nice background for a necklace too. 
This was a custom piece for a special gift.

Browse the necklace here for more details

Feeling down to earth with a rustic riveted heart necklace


copper heart necklace on wood in garden

What makes you feel down to earth? I think its the opposit of being formal!
Down to earth is being the real you in every phase of life without pretending
everything is a bed of roses. Letting yoour hair dow so to speak. This heart
necklace is the epitome of down to earth! Its blending in with mother nature
here. This necklace is comfortable with blue jeans and loves spending time
outfoors! Can you see yourself in this necklace?

Browse my Strong Love necklace here for more details

A feel-good sentimental bracelet

silver mixed chain wrap bracelet on rock

This feel-good bracelet was custom made for someone who lost her
husband unexpectedly. Grieving has been difficult. She was gifted a
bracelet to make her feel held in love especially now.
Its for heart healing. This bracelet celebrates their love
and live together. 
Meaningful jewelry can change your mood and perspective, Even if
only for a moment. May wearing this on her wrist and seeing it
bring her some peace and serenity.

Browse this bracelet here for more details.