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Feeling down to earth with a rustic riveted heart necklace


copper heart necklace on wood in garden

What makes you feel down to earth? I think its the opposit of being formal!
Down to earth is being the real you in every phase of life without pretending
everything is a bed of roses. Letting yoour hair dow so to speak. This heart
necklace is the epitome of down to earth! Its blending in with mother nature
here. This necklace is comfortable with blue jeans and loves spending time
outfoors! Can you see yourself in this necklace?

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Ageless style with black boots, outfit and piles of jewelry


wearing all black and dripping in necklaces

Ageless style is about women who prove that age is a trivial matter.
Indeed it is! This is my 75 year old sister Anne. She is the
definiton of ageless style every single day. Her outfits are a form
of self expression that bring a lot of creativity in the world.

Here she has gone for a touch of edgy style with cool af
black boots, ripped jeans and layers of necklaces upon
layers of my necklaces. I love how she wears my jewelry. From my 
count she is wearing at least 4 necklaces ( I think!)

I see the long chunky chain Flower Queen necklace,
the Strong love copper heart necklace, some crazy long
custom earrings, another heart called the Feel the Love necklace
A silver chain necklace - and a cuff bracelet. She make it look easy.

Annes mantra for style in the home or her outfits is to
"expect the unexpected". That keeps it a lot more interesting!

For more details about the jewelry Anne is wearing
click on the links below.

Flower Queen necklace

Strong Love necklace

Feel the Love necklace

Silver Chain Bib necklace

Custom earrings




How to layer statement necklaces

layered necklaces with denim outfit

Usually we think of a statement necklace being worn alone, afterall it is meant to
make a statement! Or you comonly see delicate necklaces being layered. But Im here to tell you
and show you that it can be done!

It just a matter of proportion and balance. If all three necklaces were the exact same length
things would get very busy around the neck. Each piece would be competing to be seen.
Just by varying the lengths each one can be appreciated instead. It's really that simple!

If you want to learn more about the necklaces here you can shop them below.

Fierce Love Necklace

Open Heart Necklace

Riveted Heart necklace