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A charm necklace for Mom that kids like too!

child touching moms heart necklace

No worries about this necklace being to fragile for busy little hands. This heart charm necklace
 hangs from long sturdy stainless steel chain and is meant for touching. This piece is meant 
for everyday casual style.


heart charm necklace on succulent plant

Charms can be added be added to the heart for each childs initial. Charms are crafted
in sterling silver and hang from bottom of heart.This mom had four charms that represent her
four babes. 

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Casual cool heart charm necklace for everyday style

mixed metal heart necklace on palm frawn

All charm necklaces should be casual enough for everyday. You want to enjoy those meaningful charms
running your errands, on a coffee date or at work. This one is especially cute with boots and jeans.

This long mixed metal piece is easy to wear by just slipping over your head! can also 
purchase it with out charms. Just a big wild beautiful heart!

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How to layer statement necklaces

layered necklaces with denim outfit

Usually we think of a statement necklace being worn alone, afterall it is meant to
make a statement! Or you comonly see delicate necklaces being layered. But Im here to tell you
and show you that it can be done!

It just a matter of proportion and balance. If all three necklaces were the exact same length
things would get very busy around the neck. Each piece would be competing to be seen.
Just by varying the lengths each one can be appreciated instead. It's really that simple!

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Fierce Love Necklace

Open Heart Necklace

Riveted Heart necklace

My Heart Charm necklace visits the garden

heart necklace on hand with green plants

 Of course the garden outing was my idea! Any excuse to step outdoors and breathe in some
 fresh air works for me. Plus I have discovered the vibrant greenery, and  blooming plants 
 make  a strinking backdrop for jewlery photo's. 

So out in the garden today was my Queen Of Hearts necklace. It can also be a charm necklace 
(as shown here). She is casual royalty around your neck!

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