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Dining out in cool jewelry

female wearing layered silver necklaces at dinner

Dining out, evenings out, plans with friends is a reason to wear
something fun. To feel good and enjoy yourself. Edie has
a great sense of style. I love how she pairs patterns, colors,
textures and of course jewelry. Here she has layered my big
open circle Karma necklace along with my long heavy chain with
silver circles placed throughout Chain Reaction necklace. Who knows
how you might react to things when wearing! HA!
I truly love the pairing of these two necklaces together. They offer a 
a smart balance of size, shape and overall form. 

So if you want to layer yourself in style for your next get together consider 
putting these two cool pieces of jewelry together!

Browse my Karma necklace here

Browse my Chain Reaction necklace here

Paperclip chain coin necklace with a patterned top

model in plaid shirt with gold coin cluster necklac

This coin cluster necklace is jingly jangly fun plus
its great to pair with any of your busy patterned clothing.
It doesn't join the business of a top but rather compliments
it. Each piece seems to compliment the other. That a good match.

So Spring or Fall, Winter or Summer this coin necklace will be
great with any of your patterns and style for the season. A timeless
staple for your jewelry box!

Browes my Coin Cluster necklace here


Browse my entire Wanderlust Coin Collection here

Yes you can wear silver and bronze jewelry together!

model wearing silver circle earrings & bronze bar crystal necklace

Yes Yes Yes you can wear both silver and bronze jewelry together!!!
Mix and match is creative, unique and so interesting. This warm
bronze bar necklace adds some artistic pizazz to this simple
ensemble. It is a simple design with flare. Great for work, 
the grocery store, or date night. And don't forget about those 
light weight clean line modern earrings either. They are so very 
chic. A simple sterling hoop hanging from a silver stick is easy
to wear. Even just wearing these earrings with no other jewelry
adds quite a bit of punch to your outfit!

Browse my Bar None necklace here

Browse my Silver Hoop Stick earrings here 


Comfortable clothes with a stylish vintage coin necklace

gold pearl teal gemstone coin necklace on mannequin

P        Pairing golden freshwater pearls with teal gemstones and a
          very cool old vintage coin from Peru creates a very cool necklace.
          A necklace that uplevels the most basic outfit. And adds some style
          your most comfortable clothes. This one of kind necklace
          made by me can be purchased from Clay & Cotton.
           You can also get this outfit from that store too. But if
          they have already sold the necklace give me a shout.
          I'll be happy to make you one.

          In the meantime feel free to browse my Wanderlust Coin Collection. 
          There is a lot to choose from. Plus I'm always adding new designs.

          Be sure to join my email list then you'll get a heads up when those
          new designs land!

Pearl earring gifts work for any occasion


Pearl stick earrings on cards

Gift is made easy with these pretty pearl earrings! Who 
wouldn't want to open up a pair of white lustrous pearls
earrings hanging from beautiful gold sticks. Pearls are classy
timeless. Gifting these will make the recipient feel the 
same way. Perfect for any occaion too. Bridemaids, sisters,
your BFF tribe or gift yourself becuase I believe you deserve 
good things too!

Browse my Pearl Stick earrings here

Here we go round in circles with a necklace and earrings



silver circle necklace earrings on wood

I love a good circlular shape. Whether its a perfecrt circle or an
organic one they are good. Circles flow endlessly. They symbolize
oneness, wholeness and unity. So my big silver circle Karma necklace
has one great big circle that is a delicate statment piece that can be 
casually worn with a flanel shirt or your favorite little black dress.

Bit let's not forget about the earrings! My silver circle stick earrings
have the perfect balance for the necklace. They are modern
chic and stylish. With more circles surrounding you. I think they
make great playmates. What do you think?!

Browse my Karma Necklace here

Browse my Silver Hoop stick Earrings here

Evening out with a silver bracelet stack


silver bracelet stack in wrist at restaurant

Evenings out allow for putting on a mix of your  favorite clothes and
jewelry until they feel just right. Edie is wearing a mix of fine jewelry 
with diamonds and artisan jewelry like my Chain Reaction bracelet.
They all compliment each other so well. Everytime she raised her
martini glass she also got to enjoy her arm candy! And...
peeking out from jacket is my long Chain Reaction necklace. Its chunky
and makes a great statement for nights out on the town
or your favorite restaurant.

For more details on my jewelry pieces click below for more details.

Browse Chain Reaction Bracelet here

Browse Chain Reaction Necklace here

Big gold disc statement earrings for date night!

big gold disc earrings worn on girl with date

Shelly and Tom are heading out for a night of fun and dancing!
And Shelly is wearing my big disc earrings which happened to be
called - Circle Dance earrings. Now how about that?! They are meant for
showing up, looking good and making you feel ready for fun. I mean
how can you NOT dance wearing those earrings?

Shelly is also sporting my Pinkberry necklace. This piece can actually
also be worn as a multiwrap bracelet. Lots of pretty pink coral 
swirling around. And at this moment, there may be only one of those 
necklaces left. Don't wait!!

Browes my Circle Dance earrings here

Browse my Circle Dance earrings in silver here

Browse my Pinkberry necklace here.


Sparkly star and birthstone jewelry for Grandma



birthstone silver star necklace on white trunk

This Grandma has a lot of style and loves to sparkle and shine. So 
it's not surprising that she wanted to create a Grandma necklace
that is the exact same. Each time her grandkids see her they can
be excited about finding their own star and shiny birthstone.
As they are the jewels in her crown!

This necklace easily allows room for more grandchildren
as well. All charms are on moveable jumprings. How handy
is that?!


silver hoop star crystal earrings on white trunk
Naturally complimentary earrings bring it all together. They add to  
the overall necklace design without stealing the show! Light and airy
with a touch of Swarovski sparkle and a dreamy star.

Don't hesitate to reach out if you want to design your own custom 
birthstone or Grandma necklace. Or maybe you want another version
of this very necklace?! Email me at

Click here to learn more details about the Grandma necklace

 Click here to learn more details abaout the Star earrings

A memorial bracelet with hummingbird symbolism


peals ,chain, initial & hummingbird charm bracelet on wood

           This artisan memorial bracelet was custom made
           to caputure meaningful symbolism. It is meant to be
           a beautiful but casual piece for everyday wear and 
           everyday memories of his love and all of the good things
           he did.

            Strands of silver chain, pearls and the most pecious
           hummingbird charm. Hummingbird sightings have often
           been seen as a sign of good luck. In the case of death they bring
           peace and comfort in many ways. On the day of the Memorial 
           service for this loved one - a hummingbird came to be with them.
          Hummingbirds have all kinds of symbolism


           Click here for more details about this bracelet