Big gold disc statement earrings for date night!

big gold disc earrings worn on girl with date

Shelly and Tom are heading out for a night of fun and dancing!
And Shelly is wearing my big disc earrings which happened to be
called - Circle Dance earrings. Now how about that?! They are meant for
showing up, looking good and making you feel ready for fun. I mean
how can you NOT dance wearing those earrings?

Shelly is also sporting my Pinkberry necklace. This piece can actually
also be worn as a multiwrap bracelet. Lots of pretty pink coral 
swirling around. And at this moment, there may be only one of those 
necklaces left. Don't wait!!

Browes my Circle Dance earrings here

Browse my Circle Dance earrings in silver here

Browse my Pinkberry necklace here.


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