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Old coins in jewelry connect us to the past.

old coin gold chain blue gemstone necklace on stones

Did you know that coin jewelry extends into the ancient
pas?! On the necklace shown here, the chain is new but
the coin is very old.  A coin necklace from Egypt made in the 
early third century includes multiple coins and is now on 
display at the MET Museum in New York. 

Wearing coin jewelry for me feels like art history. Each coin 
is beautifully detailed with art that represents its location.
And touched by so many hands. That brings a lot of soul.

I have coins from everywhere. If you are looking for something
specific let me know!

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Old coin jewelry adds a unique touch to your style

wearing gold coin jewelry and green jacket

Old coins are cool and so are necklaces made with them! These coins are
are of historical significance. You can touch them all of over, they aren't
fragile. Some of them are unique an no longer being mades. 
Beautiful art designs can be found. Wear this coin necklace and its
a great conversation starter.
And if you really want to make it a really special necklace, you can request
specific coins that mean something to you. Just ask and if I have it will be yours!

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Add some Art to your day with this gemstone, old coin, token necklace.

artisan pink gemstone old coin necklace worn with blue sweater
It's all in the details! Pop on a easy to wear, handcrafted necklace
to celebrate the arts. You can celebrate handmade original things
like artisan jewelry, belts, wood working, and sewing! Handmade or 
handcrfated means extra care was taken in the design and crafting
each piece. Handcrafted comes with love and soul from the artist.
Imagine being surrounded with all this good energy!

Browse here for more details and gemstone colors available for
the Touchstone Token necklace.

Jewelry from travels

old coin charm bracelet on wrist
This dazzling coin bracelet is made up of real old coins from 
all over the world. Yes indeed! This beautiful old coins are full of
at history and have a LOT of character. I have so many coins that to 
offer. Maybe I have coins from your favorite destination
(or a bunch of them). Or maybe you have coins collected from
travels that I could turn into jewelry for you? Either way I absolutley 
love designing all kinds f coin jewelry. 
Plus coin jewelry makes for a really personal gift. Imagine gifting a 
necklace or bracelet with a coin that represents the recipients 
heritage as well as a birthstone. BOOM. Now that a pretty cool gift
in my book. Hit me up if you want something made. Or shop my ready 
to wear.

Browse my Around the World Coin bracelet here

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A necklace full of Junes birthstones with an old coin


peacock blue pearl necklace on rock

Birthstones make great jewelry gifts. Your birthstone represents YOU!
And the birhtstone for the month of June are pearls. How lucky are the 
June borns?! Shown here is a long blue/gray/purplish pearl necklace.
Often these are called peacock pearls because of those color blends.
This necklace also feature an old beautifully detailed coin. Imagine
recieving a long birthstone pearl necklace that includes a coin that
celebrates your familu heritage?! EXTRA special!!

Shop my Wanderlust Coin Collection to see more pearls and coins
If you want a specific coin and pearl color, please don't hesitate to ask.
I've got loads of old coins and pearls!

A chunky gold coin necklace that matches everything

coin cluster necklace on wood with scarf

If being practical suits you and you love old coins then my Coin Cluster
necklace will get the job done. Sold metal in gold or silver will always be
practical. These won't clash with any outfit. Not to busy and
not to colorful. Plus if you are traveling then that makes it easy to pack.

Browse my Coin Cluster necklace here for more details

A meaningful & unique birthday necklace

Birthstone coin necklace on wood

The seqarch for a meaningful birthday gift or necklace
can sometimes be a challenge? You want it to be special and something
brand new. Something you feel certain she doesn't already own..
I've hear you! Let me tell about this "gem" and give you something
to think about the next you are on the hunt for just the right gift.

The necklace shown here is for a 6o)th birthday.  There are exactly six
freshwwater pearls to honor each decade.This gal has roots
in Poland so i inclued an old artys looking 1984 Polish Coin.
And with February birthday that means purple amethyst is
her birthstone. You can see thos within this sweet necklace design.

I have old coind galore and absolutley love using them in 
my jewelry designs. I'd love to make one for you.
Shoot me an email to let me know what coin you might like to see!


Click here for more details about this necklace

Casual necklace stacks for everyday

wearing a casual cool necklace stack
Necklace stacks are just as interesting, personal and
meaningful as your bracelet stacks. You can stack as
many as you like. And boom you've got a super cute
look for tee shirts or casual hanging out.

Shown here is my Coin Cluster necklace. It almost looks
like two necklaces with this jumble of old unique coins.
Alongside that is my It's All Good necklace. With red shiny
crystals and some petite sized gemstones its the opposite of the 
coin cluster necklace - and they look great together!

Maybe you have 3 necklaces that mean a lot to you. But they are 
quite diffferent. Maybe one has a small single stone. Another a name
or word charm necklace. And maybe you've got a fancy necklace
in your jewlery box. One that you save for special ocassions.
Well.... try wearing all three at the same time. Just for fun!
See how it looks. Think about how it good it wood feel to wewar your
three favorites. I say go for it. Express yourself!

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A coin necklace to celebrate the last trip taken with a loved one


Isreal coin necklace being worn

This gal came to a trunk show and spied my box of coins. 
When she saw that I had coins from Isreal her necklace was born!
Alicia took a very significant trip with her father to Isreal. It was 
they last trip they took together before he passed away. 
She shared how much that trip meant and the memories she 
holds dear. She said that everytime she wears this necklace 
it brings her joy and love. Hearing that just has me doing
a happy dance.

We all deserve good things and to be reminded of finding what
brings us joy. How wonderful that a neckace I designed offers her that.
I am so grateful!

Browse my Coin & Pearl Necklace here

It comes with a beautiful random coin but you can request a country. If I have it then I'll make that happen.

Comfortable clothes with a fun necklace


coin necklace in mannequin with blue dress

Comfort is key in both clothes and style. At least it is for me! But
just because you want to be in soft comfortable clothes doesn't 
mean that you can't accesorize. My triple coin cluster necklace adds
just the right accent to this adorable dress. With big pockets you and 
soft fabric this dress slips right over your head. You can get one from
Clay and Cotton. It exudes serious comfort!

Browse my Coin Cluster necklace here

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