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Casual necklace stacks for everyday

wearing a casual cool necklace stack
Necklace stacks are just as interesting, personal and
meaningful as your bracelet stacks. You can stack as
many as you like. And boom you've got a super cute
look for tee shirts or casual hanging out.

Shown here is my Coin Cluster necklace. It almost looks
like two necklaces with this jumble of old unique coins.
Alongside that is my It's All Good necklace. With red shiny
crystals and some petite sized gemstones its the opposite of the 
coin cluster necklace - and they look great together!

Maybe you have 3 necklaces that mean a lot to you. But they are 
quite diffferent. Maybe one has a small single stone. Another a name
or word charm necklace. And maybe you've got a fancy necklace
in your jewlery box. One that you save for special ocassions.
Well.... try wearing all three at the same time. Just for fun!
See how it looks. Think about how it good it wood feel to wewar your
three favorites. I say go for it. Express yourself!

Browse my Coin Cluster necklace here.

Browse my It's All Good Necklace here.

A leopard print jacket with the perfect necklace

coin cluster necklace worn with leopard skin jacket

Leopard prints are still going strong. As a matter of fact animal prints in
general are popular. These prints remain so because they add a fresh and trendy look
to your wardrobe. Because pritns are busy you need to choose your jewelry carefully.
My Coin Cluster necklace is the perfect choice. For starters it's big enough
to be in balance with the leopard print. The coins are all gold so 
it bends well and looks smart. 

Browse my Coin Cluster Necklace here for more details

Black and white fashion with a gold coin necklace

gold coin necklace worn with black and white

Staying in fashion is as simple as black and white. It's timeless. You can't go wrong.

This black and white textural cardigon is from Eileen Fisher. It can be with a white tee shirt, turtle neck
or blouse. My Coin Cluster Necklace adds more detail with these cool old coins from all over the globe.

And added bonus is how often you can touch and play with those coins!

Shop the Coin Cluster necklace here.

Jewelry to wear with turtlenecks

layered gold jewelry with a turtleneck

Turtleneck sweaters are cozy, practical and warm. They have evolved from the era of hiding
a love bite or hickey! Now a sleek turtleneck is a staple in any career woman's wardrobe.

The best jewelry for turtlenecks are long necklaces that aren't focused on your neck. With plenty 
of room to hang long these necklaces definitly add some flair. Imagine her outfit with no jewelry
on? It's all about the details!

Alice is wearing my Coin Cluster necklace and a longer version of my Silver & Gold necklace
Click on the links to learn more.



The perfect necklace for a patterned top

patterned top with gold coin necklace

When your favorite tops or sweaters are patterened your jewelry needs to compliment 
in a simple way. That makes this gold coin cluster necklace an easy answer. It's not to busy
and doesn't compete with the pattern.

And it looks just as good with a solid color too. These coins are from all around the world
and feature some beautiful detailed artwork. You'll be wearing a piece of art and true history around
your neck.

Shop here to see all coin jewelry