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Newlyweds showing off their personalized wedding necklaces

Newlyweds showing off their wedding necklaces

Besides their traditional wedding rings this couple was gifted personalized mixed metal leather necklaces
with a secret! These pieces have lots of texture, their wedding date and the name of their favorite
song "Crazy for You". I love that!

If you want to gift a wedding necklace other jewelry gift, I'd be thrilled to make. Shoot me an email
and we'll get started.



Barefoot in the grass is even better with layered anklets

Barefoot in the grass with layered ankllets

Being barefoot in the grass feels so much like Summer! Which reminds me of childhood and running
through our gravel driveway well before my feet were "tuff enough". Of course by the end of Summer I was
a  seasoned pro. I could practically walk through glass!

Barefoot or not, it feels good to adorn your ankles with something fun and pretty. In the warmer months
your ankles are always on display with swimsuits, sandles, capri pants, sundresses, skirts and shorts. 

Show them some love! These anklets are made with hearty stainless steel chain. This fabulous chain is practically
bullet-proof! It's hypoallergenic, rust proof and tarnish proof.

This chain is made in-the-USA by one of the few remaining manufacturer's still here in the states. 
So you can feel good about supporting your hard working brothers and sisters at here at work.


Click here to shop or see more anklets

Yesss! A One size fits all necklace!

leather gemstone necklace options

Arghh, don't ya just hate having a favorite necklace that you can only wear with one type of neckline?

Or maybe it needs to be just 2" longer when you wear that longer blouse and scarf?

Or you aren't sure what size to order when gifting to someone else?

Your answer is here!

At last...a necklace that you can wear at any length you choose.
I have a variety of necklaces that feature a slide-cord. How does this work? It so easy. A bead is used to slide up or down the cord, depending on the length you choose. That's it.

In the photo above you can see the Totem Pole necklace worn both short and long. I'm officially obessed with slide-cord necklaces these days!

Shop here to see other slide-cord necklaces. Or email  me if you would like to create a custom slide-cord necklace!!

Sailing around Greece with a karma necklace

Silver circle karma necklace travels to Greece!

Nothing better than a fun play adventure! And seeing one of my favoite customers out on the water
while wearing our sterling silver karma necklace. A dose of good karma while
traveling is like having good insurance, right?!


Travel with a Karma Necklace

Karma is the cycle of cause and effect.
Which is a good reminder to keep you looking for the good - and acting as if...

Which leaves you feeling good about yourself. Which makes life a lot happier. And...this easy to wear piece
is versatile. Wear it sailing or out to dinner with a little black dress. you decide!


Shop the sterling silver Karma necklace


Summer wedding jewelry and a book of Love

Blue green gemstone jewelry and a Rumi book on  love

When a dear friend was asked to officiate a wedding ceremony she wanted a pretty necklace to go with a
teal color scheme. Naturally I could hardly wait to get started!

And what better gift than a book of love by the compelling poet Rumi

If you have a special occasion and an outfit that needs jewelry send me an email becuase I love to do just that!! 

Of course you can wear silver & gold jewelry!

Mixed Metal aesthetic jewelry and decor

Mixed metal jewelry has been part of my aesthetic since I very first started designing. I love the look!
With a background in Interior design I'm no stranger to using basic design principles. 

And Balance is one of those principles!

Sterling is a "cool" tone and gold is a "warm" tone. Balancing those 2 is easy.
Choose your dominant metal and accent with the opposite!
It's no differnt than other cool/warm tone mixes. 

If you prefer to wear all 1 metal color then by all means go ahead.
But don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and mix your metals if the mood strikes.


How to wear silver & gold jewerly


Jewelry designs shown here are pieces that are either gold dominant or silver dominate.
You can now enjoy not being so matchy-matchy. Which gives the opportunnity to wear more jewelry!

If you want to see more of my mixed metal pieces you can shop necklaces, earrings, or bracelets/cuffs.

Swimming Jewelry : use in the pool, lake, ocean, hot tub, and more

swim jewelry stacked chain crystal charm anklets

Yes you can swim in these anklets!

Bcause they are made of the finest ingredients. Hearty, made in-the-USA stainless steel chain and findings.
This fantastic durable chain is hypoallergenic,rust proof and my favorite tarnish FREE!
And...the more you wear the more polished it becomes. Sweet!

swim jewelry anklets and earrings

Pretty up your ankles and ears cuz...

You'll feel good about wearing jewelry that was built to last in any water scenario!

Shop anklets and earrings for details!



Essential Oils & Jewelry infused with positive energy


Doesn't the idea of being infused with positive energy sound absolutely wonderful?!

Essentials oils are natural and offer so many benefits for your mind, body (and soul).
These benefits can aid in stress, anxiety, mosquito bites and everything in between.
Excellent DoTERRA oils are top shelf but I found a affordable introductory kit on amazon.

Essential oils are VERY easy to apply. Just add a drop or two of oil
to the porous black lava or wooden beads.

  • Gently rub in
  • Re-apply as needed
  • The scent can last up to a few hours or days


 Aromatherapy jewelry is a beautiful way to wear and keep those benefits with you
all day long.

 jdavis jewelry adds to that by using meaningful gemstones that are named for the inspiration
behind the stones. You deserve to feel good. Find what speaks to you!

Jewelry dispayed above:

Serenity Now bracelet - top right, green amazonite stone

Serenity Now necklace - top left

Whole Lotta Lava necklace -Bottom right, big round lava stone 

Blue Sky bracelet - bottom left, sky blue and brown stones


More essential oil bracelet options for both men & women are available. To see more shop braclets and scroll down!



Relaxing with a book, ice tea and Summer jewelry


One of my favorite ways to relax is with a good book and some cold ice tea! (Peets Coffee also makes some delicious tea, if you haven't tried it)

Summer jewelry of the day is my Wildflower bracelet and a new sterling silver wrap ring (in the works).

If you enjoy reading as much as I do then you checkout this book by Wally Lamb. He wrote this back in 1992. That's when I first read it and could NOT put it down! If you are looking for a good Summer read this book won't disappoint. Learn more about this book here!!


Flowers have been boosting my happiness since childhood. If you're a flower lover too and you can shop this wildflower bracelet to get your own.

 Want to know when the wrap ring will available??  Join my list and you'll be notified when its available. Scroll down to to bottom of page and sign up!

How to wear wrap jewelry (+ a FREE style guide)

Talk about versatility- did you know that our soft suede wrap jewelry can be worn at least 5 different ways?! (actually even more)

Yessiree! Included with all wrap jewelry purchases is our printed style guide that shows you exactly how to wear. Shown above are 3 ways to wear a necklace, a bracelet and an anklet. 

BONUS (not shown)

Wear as a long hanging headband.

Wear around neck and let the cords hang down long on your backside


Feel free to try out your own creative way to style. Shop our wraps by clinking links below.

Gray Suede Pink Chalcedony Wrap (as shown)

Gray Suede Coin Pearl wrap (as shown)


Suede Wrap jewlery is for all ages

Say hello Helen, our current wrap Star!

She is so stylish with her layered necklaces and suede wrap tied at that cute jaunty angle.I love how Helen created yet another new way to wear:)


To see more suede colors and stone options be sure

Shop bracelets   (and scroll down)


Happy styling!